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My daughter is interested in studying medicine and plans on taking the Gamsats next March and she need to do a lot of Prep work from September in the three science subjects. Can you please help us which some information as to what is the best path to follow here?
Missed First Round Offer
Hi my son didnt get one of the courses he wanted in the first offers. Is he obliged to take one of the offers made or should he wait for the second round. What are the implications? Thanks - Peter
On Campus v Off Campus Accomodation
Will be starting college in September (hopefully) and am looking at accomodation options, not sure where I'm going yet so just wondering in general if on-campus accomodation works out more expensive or cheaper than off campus accomodation?
PLC Providers
My son is interested in doing a PLC course but I was wondering if these courses can only be provided by ETBs or if private colleges can offer PLC courses. Some of the courses he's looked at in further education colleges are only €300 but in some private colleges they can be as much as €2,000! Is there any difference in these courses, or is it just that the ETB run courses are government funded? Are they all recognised as PLCs?
PLC towards a degree
Am trying to get into a PLC which in turn will lead to gaining a degree at third level. Is this possible through PLC and is there any course available that will help achieve this ? I have done some IT courses but seem to be finding it difficult to get a career out of them. Thus, having a degree - eventually - would hopefully make it easier.
Postgraduate course & BTEA
Am hoping to start a postgraduate course later this year, am wondering if I might qualify for Back to Education Allowance as I have been unemployed for almost 2 years.