Competency Based Interviewee Preparation

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Price: € 70
Duration: One Hour Webinar
Distance Learning and Online, Online
10:00 am-11:00 am
Schedule: TBC

Course description

This Competency Based Interviewee Preparation will give attendees an understanding of how to prepare for upcoming interviews (face to face or online) and get an understanding of the purpose and structure of competency based interviews.

At the conclusion of the webinar, participants will have developed an understanding of:

  • What employers are looking for in terms of examining role requirements and competencies;
  • The structure and process of the competency based interview;
  • How best to present themselves in person or online and display their competence.

During the webinar, the focus will be on:

  • How to prepare in advance for your interview so that you can give your best performance on the day (face to face or online)
  • Understanding the role and the requirements of the person specification
  • Assessing how your experience and competence meet the requirements of the role
  • Completing the application form/CV to ensure your relevant experience is evident
  • Answering techniques using the STAR Model
  • Gaining an understanding of the questioning techniques of the interview board Interview etiquette and common pitfalls at interview

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