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QFA exams
I finished an accounting course last May and finding it difficult to get work. Am wondering if it's worth getting qualified as a Financial Advisor. Thinking of taking the QFA exams and wondering if they cost much? & how long do they take?
Tour Guide training Cork
Hello, I'm a taxi driver who spends some time showing tourists around the city. I'm interested in doing a course to get qualified as a tour guide, are there any of these courses available in Cork?
Optometry via PLC
I am interested in studying optometry however I did not take biology, physics or chemistry for the Leaving Cert. Would pre-university science PLC course open that option to me?
LCA & Nursing
I will have completed a Leaving Certificate Applied course in June with distinctions, however, I now find that I cannot get a PLC course in Nursing Studies, (one college wanted Biology, however, another did not but wanted Maths), leading on to a degree in Health and Society or similiar. I was told by my school that I could do any PLC course choice. I am devastated as I thought he prospectus referred to regular Leaving Certificate students. Are there any suggestions as to how to go about gaining access to the Health andSociety/ Promotion degree course via the National Qualifications?