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Are there any PLC courses that can be a direct route into a radiography degree?
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Yes, there are PLC courses in Ireland that can serve as a pathway towards a degree in radiography. These courses typically focus on healthcare, science, or related fields, providing foundational knowledge and skills that can help you transition into a radiography degree program. Here are some examples of relevant PLC courses:

1. Pre-University Science

  • Description: This course covers subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics, which are fundamental to understanding radiography. It prepares students for further studies in science-related fields, including radiography.

  • Example Colleges:

    • Coláiste Íde College of Further Education

    • Pearse College of Further Education

2. Healthcare Support

  • Description: This course provides an introduction to various healthcare professions, including modules on anatomy, physiology, and patient care. It’s designed to give students a broad understanding of healthcare, which is essential for radiography.

  • Example Colleges:

    • Marino College of Further Education

    • Ballyfermot College of Further Education

3. Medical and Clinical Administration

  • Description: This course focuses on administrative roles within healthcare settings but includes relevant healthcare modules. It provides a background in medical terminology and healthcare systems, which can be useful for further studies in radiography.

  • Example Colleges:

    • Rathmines College of Further Education

    • Crumlin College of Further Education

4. Applied Science (Laboratory Techniques)

  • Description: This course involves extensive laboratory work, focusing on practical and theoretical aspects of science, which can be beneficial for radiography studies.

  • Example Colleges:

    • Liberties College

    • Cavan Institute

5. Pre-University Health Sciences

  • Description: Tailored for students aiming to enter health science degrees, this course covers key topics like human biology, anatomy, and health studies.

  • Example Colleges:

    • Bray Institute of Further Education

    • St. John's Central College

Pathway to Radiography Degree

  1. Complete a Relevant PLC Course: Enroll in one of the above PLC courses to build a strong foundation in science and healthcare.

  2. Achieve a High Standard: Perform well in your PLC course to meet the entry requirements for a radiography degree program.

  3. Apply for a Radiography Degree: Use your PLC qualification to apply for a radiography degree course at a university. Some universities may have specific entry agreements with PLC colleges.

  4. Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) Awards: Ensure your PLC course is accredited by QQI, as these qualifications are recognised by higher education institutions for entry purposes via the NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications).

Universities Offering Radiography Degrees in Ireland

  • University College Dublin (UCD)

    • Course: BSc in Radiography

    • Description: A comprehensive program that covers all aspects of radiography, from anatomy and patient care to advanced imaging techniques.

  • Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

    • Course: BSc in Radiation Therapy

    • Description: Focuses on the therapeutic applications of radiography, particularly in cancer treatment.

By following this pathway, starting with a PLC course can be an effective route towards pursuing a career in radiography. For specific entry requirements and detailed information, it's advisable to contact the colleges and universities directly.
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