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Pathway to PE Teaching
How do I find out if a particular CAO course is recognised by the teaching council? I want to do PE Teaching but am worried I won't get the points so am looking at alternative courses that would lead into PE Teaching down the line.
My daughter is interested in studying medicine and plans on taking the Gamsats next March and she need to do a lot of Prep work from September in the three science subjects. Can you please help us which some information as to what is the best path to follow here?
Missed First Round Offer
Hi my son didnt get one of the courses he wanted in the first offers. Is he obliged to take one of the offers made or should he wait for the second round. What are the implications? Thanks - Peter
On Campus v Off Campus Accomodation
Will be starting college in September (hopefully) and am looking at accomodation options, not sure where I'm going yet so just wondering in general if on-campus accomodation works out more expensive or cheaper than off campus accomodation?
Should I accept 4th place offer
I unfortunately did not get the course I was hoping for in first round and only got my 4th choice which I'm not too sure about. I don't think I will get decent offer in 2nd round, should I go ahead and accept 4th choice as I dont want to repeat?