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Will be starting college in September (hopefully) and am looking at accomodation options, not sure where I'm going yet so just wondering in general if on-campus accomodation works out more expensive or cheaper than off campus accomodation?
In general on-campus accomodation is more expensive than off-campus accomodation but this can vary depending on location and type of accomodation. Some on-campus accomodation options are shown below..

NUIG - Corrib village -
UL - Plassey village -
NUIM - On campus options -
CIT - On campus options -
WIT - On campus accomodation -
DIT - Halls of residence options - see
TCD - on campus -
DCU - On campus apartments -
UCD - on campus accomodation -

Digs - Digs will often be the cheapest accommodation option but usually does not include weekend stays (available in some cases). Can be a good option for first year with many students then moving into shared accommodation after this.

Shared accomodation - Shared accomodation in Dublin varies a lot in pricing, depending on the area & standard of housing. There are many poor standard housing options whicah can cost as little as 60 euros per week sharing. For decent standard housing this can rise to 180 euros per week. Competition can be fierce so get in as early as possible as many of the best housing options go fast.
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