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I will have completed a Leaving Certificate Applied course in June with distinctions, however, I now find that I cannot get a PLC course in Nursing Studies, (one college wanted Biology, however, another did not but wanted Maths), leading on to a degree in Health and Society or similiar. I was told by my school that I could do any PLC course choice. I am devastated as I thought he prospectus referred to regular Leaving Certificate students. Are there any suggestions as to how to go about gaining access to the Health andSociety/ Promotion degree course via the National Qualifications?
Upon requesting info from 2 different PLC colleges, first one said "leaving certificate applied meets our entry requirement for plc nursing studies course. If this plc course to be used to access a nursing or health related degree, will also need to take as an extra plc maths." So I think it's just a matter of finding a college that will accomodate your needs as you may need to study maths a little more in order to continue past the plc level which will be required if you are to become a qualified nurse in the future. The other college replied as follows" In terms of pre nursing there is no particular reason why a person with an applied leaving cert could not complete the course and apply through the links system for nursing in an IT college. our college does not discriminate against students with an applied leaving cert, admittedly the universities require maths ordinary level. However with the pre nursing cert they can work as a care assistance until mature then apply that route and their pre nursing combined with their experience makes them a very good candidate. Alternatively we suggest to students who wish to heighten there chances in Ireland or seek an opportunity to study nursing in the UK where maths is a necessary requirement to undertake the pre nursing in year one of PLC concentrate on attain eight distinctions, securing points, begin the ordinary maths programme, then proceed to a related level 6 programme where a pass will be sufficient, enabling them to work in a supervisory position, focus on completing their maths and sitting leaving cert maths. A considerable number of students have taken this route and secured a place on a UK programme which is only three years and accrues no fees.
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