Courses in Leitrim

evening courses in Leitrim

There are a large number and variety of courses available throughout Leitrim. Full time, part time & evening courses and also online courses are all available. Mayo, Sligo and Leitrim ETB (Education and Training Board), Solas and other colleges offer evening courses, whilst online courses and flexible learning options are available from nationwide distance learning … Read more Courses in Leitrim

College of Management and IT

cmit distance learning

Established in 2004, The College of Management and IT (CMIT) is a leading provider of certified and accredited distance learning courses in Ireland. The college was the first distance learning college in Ireland to become QQI registered and the first to offer QQI qualifications through eLearning. The aim of the college is to provide the opportunity for … Read more College of Management and IT

Kilroys College

kilroys college

Kilroys College is one of Ireland’s longest running distance learning colleges. The college offers a wide range of courses with subjects varying from subject area such as sports and fitness to business training. The college also has an interesting selection of leaving cert revision courses which will benefit many students looking for additional support in … Read more Kilroys College