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Diploma in Project Management

€ 890.00
11 weeks
Live Online Classes, Online Courses - Distance Learning
18:30 - 21:30 Tuesdays
Booking Date: 08/10/2024

Course description

Are you a professional looking to up-skill and remain competitive in the changing workplace?  Do you want to enhance your career with the skills and knowledge to manage projects from initiation to conclusion?

This professional programme offers a comprehensive insight in to all aspects of the project management process and provides a solid foundation to any individual wishing to pursue a career in project management across diverse industries.

Project management is one of the most rapidly growing professions in the world.  According to the project management trends report, project management roles will reach 87.7 million globally by 2027.   This growing demand for project managers is due to advances in technology and expanding global markets.
What will I Experience?
Gain the practical skills in proven techniques and discover a range of valuable, applicable tools that will contribute to the successful delivery of your projects in any industry or sector.

Experience lively interaction and discussion with lecturers who support, mentor and guide you to achieve your goals.

The course will focus on the key project management processes:

  • Week 1
    Project Management in the context of
    Delving in to Project Fundamentals a
  • Week 2
    Project Environment and the Project Manager
    A focus on strategy and leadership
    Role and responsibility of the Project Manager
  • Week 3
    Project Life Cycle Processes
    Initiation – Planning – Execution – Control and Project Closure
  • Week 4
    Project Management Control and Organisational Structures
  • Week 5
    Project Management Control
    Focus on Integration and Scope Management
  • Week 6
    Project Management – Project Risk and Issue Management
    Delving in to the financials of Project Management
  • Week 7
    Project Management – Quality
  • Week 8
    Project Management – Strategy and Business Management
  • Week 9
    Project Management – Communications
  • Week 10
    Project Management – Ethics and Human Resources
  • Week 11
    Project Management – Stakeholder Management
  • Week 12
    Project Procurement Management
  • Week 13
    Project Management – Influencers e.g. technology, digital

This Project Management Programme is perfect for those who want to gain a strong understanding of and confidence in their ability to manage projects effectively.  

  • Do you want to gain the skills to structure, formalise and implement projects on time and on budget.
  • Would you like to differentiate yourself and your organisation in your ability to manage resources, time, people, quality and communication.
  • Do you want to enhance your career and develop skills in project management.
  • Are you new to the project management team.
  • All levels within an organisation will benefit from this programme – from junior to senior personnel.
    Fluency in spoken and written English.

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