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Diploma In Bookkeeping and Payroll

€ 825.00
11 weeks
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18.30 - 21.30 p.m. Wednesday
Booking Date: 15/10/2024

Course description

Why Take this course?

Professional Diploma in Book-keeping and Payroll that will enable you to showcase your ability to contribute effectively and with confidence in the area of finance and accounting.  Explore the crucial financial responsibilities that underpin every business: bookkeeping and payroll. Acquire proficiency in fundamental bookkeeping techniques, gain comprehension of financial statements, and excel in the management of payroll.

 Course Fee €970.00 Discount 15% = €825.00.

You will explore how these aspects of Bookkeeping and Payroll are handled within the applicable legal and tax frameworks in Ireland and gain the skills and knowledge to work effectively in this field.   You will be taught by an industry experienced professional teacher who will support, mentor and guide you to achieve your goals.

You will gain the skills and knowledge in Bookkeeping and Payroll using the industry standard Sage Professional Accounting and Sage Micropay Professional Payroll Software.
Understand and apply the techniques learnt to produce accounts using the industry-standard accounting software Sage.   Comparisons are made between manual and computerised systems and various scenarios illustrate the procedures for the setup and updating of a computerised accounts system.

  • The introduction to bookkeeping principles
  • Double Entry Concepts, Ledgers, Closing Balances and  Trial Balance
  • Financial Statements/Cash flow
    • Understand the link between cash flow statements and other statements
    • Financial reporting
    • the importance of Cash flow
  • Learn how to use accounting software systems
    • You will gain the skills and knowledge in Bookkeeping and Payroll using the industry-standard Sage Professional Accounting and Sage Micropay Professional Payroll Software.
  • Understanding the finance function of an organisation
    • Strategic Financial Management
    • Sources of finance.

Payroll Units

  • Unit 1: This unit provides an overview of the overall operation of payroll taxation in Ireland.  It introduces students to the terminology used and overall calculation of pay and taxation issues including an examination of various credits and reliefs.  Introduction to computerised payroll (Thesaurus Software)
  • Unit 2: Employment Legislation in Ireland – here we introduce the essential elements of Employment law in operation in Ireland.
  • Unit 3: Revenue administration and ROS which outlines how the PAYE system is operated by each employer under the management of the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Unit 4: PAYE System and Operation examines the PAYE system in operation and the calculation of operation of PAYE.    Particular attention is given to the completion of the Tax  Deduction Card system.
  • Unit 5: Operation of PRSI System and Calculation examines the calculation and operation of PRSI.   Rules and regulations in deducting PRSI and an introduction into what entitlements certain contributions bestow.
  • Unit 6: Operation Of USC and Calculation looks at the way USC is calculated and deducted.
  • Unit 7: Payments and Deductions and calculating Net Pay examines the various statutory and non-statutory payments and deductions. It also deals with Benefits in Kind scenarios.
  • Unit 8: Computerised Payroll using Sage Payroll applies the techniques learnt in a computerised system. Practical examples in carrying out a payroll using the industry-standard sage payroll software. Comparisons will be made between manual and computerised systems of payroll calculations.

Student Profile
Open to all with an interest in bookkeeping and payroll and those seeking a change in career
A basic knowledge of computers
Competence in spoken and written English

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