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Diploma in Cyber Security and Forensics

€ 825.00
11 Weeks
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18.30-21.30 p.m
Booking Date: 15/10/2024

Course description

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Gain a competitive edge with a Cyber Security & Forensics course and acquire the expertise to safeguard networks, fortify devices, and prevent potential breaches. Master the art of countering security risks faced by businesses while ensuring the utmost confidentiality for clients.

This course equips you with essential principles and proficiencies needed to effectively monitor, identify, analyse, and mitigate both internal and external security threats faced by organisations.
Student Profile
It is expected that students have some basic knowledge of computer systems, networking, and operating systems. Students should be comfortable working with various software applications and have a basic understanding of how data is stored, retrieved, and transmitted over networks.
Course Module Units
Course Outline
Cyber Security
Cyber Security overview and origins
Firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Protection
Threats and Mitigation

Overview of Computer System Forensics
Definitions of Computer System Forensics
Understanding the factors that determine which Computer System Forensics approach is appropriate for a variety of contexts
Using analysis approaches to assess risk factors
Using Data sources for effective analysis
Digital Evidence

The origins of evidence gathering approaches in information technology
Appropriate handling of evidence (Legal, ethical and privacy issues)
Acquisition and storage of Forensic imaging techniques

Hardware Systems
Using magnetic and solid-state storage media
Partitioning and formatting techniques
Caching Data in ROM and RAM storage
Other storage devices like photocopiers, cameras, smartphones

Forensic Analysis
Understanding formats for stored data
Breaking passwords and Keyword searches
Internet history analysis
Using Alternate Data Streams, Registry, Recycle Bin, System logs

Network Forensics
Tools for analysing data types over networks
Examining and identifying data traffic types and their origins and destinations
Logging and categorising incidents

Professional Opportunities
Embrace the countless advantages in the cyber security field, including exciting professional opportunities, rapid career advancement, lucrative salaries, and a continuously expanding industry.

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