A1 Advertising Essentials Skills Training Course – Certificate in Advertising

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Course description

As Thomas Beecham the head of the famous Beecham’s Powders company once said andlsquo;the trouble with advertising is that only half of the money I spend on it works -but I don’t know which half!”
Course Aims
The course is for anyone who needs to understand the basics of advertising for their organisation. It follows advertising from its historical development, the role of psychological appeals, developing creative strategies and planning and implementing successful campaigns.
Part 1 -History of Advertising:
History of Advertising
Advertising terms and concepts
Advertising as part of marketing
Part 2 -Psychological Appeals:
Human psychology in advertising
Appealing to consumers
Appealing to business customers
Part 3 -Creative Strategies:
Creating the message
Writing the copy
Layout and typography
Part 4 -Advertising Plans and Campaigns:
Advertising media -above the line
Advertising media -below the line
Campaign preparation and planning
Campaign review and evaluation
Entry is open. No prior qualifications are required to join the course.

Participants receive the Griffin College Certificate in Advertising Essentials.

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