3 days beginner permanent make-up training – eyebrows

3 days beginner permanent make-up training – eyebrows

Cork City, Dublin City, Galway City
€ 1200
3 days
Part Time and Evening
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

Field training for Swiss Color ® stylist with graduation certificate. You will learn the basic knowledge and process for a permanent make up treatment. No previous beauty experience is necessary!


Anatomyand physiology of the skin and the face, lymph system, immune system

Health, safety and salon hygiene

Client consultation: expectations, contraindications, record keeping, patch testing, medical issues to consider, legal options of pain control and application of topical anesthetics, after care and follow up treatments

Equipment facts, setting up your work area

Colour theory: identifying skin tones, choosing the right colors and tones

Practical training: practice on live models, shaping and measuring, preprinting, methods of depositing micropigments into the dermal layer of the skin

Marketing: building your portfolio, how to attract new clients 

Day 1    Theory + home study 1 treatment on a live model                                                                                                       

Day 2    Eyebrow hairstroke 1 treatment on a live model                                           

Day 3    eyebrow hairstroke 1 treatment on a live model

What is the potential earning? Is it a good investment?

Cost of PMU procedure to the client: from €150 up to €450

Minus expenses to the salon approx.: €20 (per treatment)

Net income: €300 (average) per treatment

Cost of start-up:  E.G. eyebrow beginner training is FREE  with the INFINITY starter kit

The kit cost you €3467,37 (inc VAT)

€3467/300=12 clients J Your investment returns on 12 clients! (3-6 weeks!)