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personal development coursesEnhance Your Employability.
Personal development courses can make a big difference to your employment prospects as well as greatly increasing the chances of achieving job fulfilment. When they were first introduced, they were perceived by many as an unnecessary extravagance. Now, with such fierce competition for many jobs, these courses have become increasingly popular and an important consideration in career progression.

It is not only the lack of jobs and fierce competition that make personal development courses a good option to consider. It is also the value of the course itself and what it can teach you. The topics covered are not usually within the spectrum covered by careers and guidance counsellors. As a result, training in this area can really enlighten you on the skills that will help you not only in your career but also in your social and personal life.

Personal Development Courses Ireland

The types of Personal Development courses vary, for example courses on dealing with stress management will teach how to deal with trying situations more calmly. Courses on assertiveness can be very effective for those with low self esteem or confidence issues. There are also courses on time management, public speaking and many others that deal with all aspects of developing ones personality to increase confidence & relationship skills.

Most courses will include the creation and maintenance of a personal development record and will usually take the form of seminars rather than lectures. With seminars, you can actively participate and discus any issues that you have with your peers, which will thus help you to grow and develop, as well as increase the people skills you have, often without you even realising it! You are encouraged to assess your own skills, and the effectiveness of these courses will largely be down to you and your willingness to make use of the knowledge gained from the course.

Usually personal development courses usually last for four or five working days. There are individual day courses available as well. This obviously varies from course to course, as does the cost. Courses may qualify for a subsidy if being completed whilst at college or in employment so this may well be worth investigating.

Normally a personal development course will not have an examination at the end of it. The general rule is to contribute to the class if you want to pass. However, it would be a good idea to take it seriously because the advantage that a personal development can give you in terms of career progression can make all the difference. The providers below host various personal development courses, including some that focus mostly on employment up-skilling;

1. Personal Development Certificate – Griffin training, Dublin City Centre

2. Communication at Work – Pitman Training, Dublin North

3. CBT Skills for Everyday Life – PCI College, Dublin

4. Working with Assertiveness – Pitman Training (Nationwide Locations) lists a range of Personal Development courses at the following url;

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