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Telephonic Sales Training – telephone sales

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The aim of this course is to provide staff with the skills necessary to effectively deal with sales enquiries over the phone and to solicit a positive response from potential customers.
To achieve this aim participants will need to understand the sales process, decision making criteria, dealing with objections, and closing the deal. The course will focus on the sales process, when it begins, what routes it follows and how to know when it is concluded. Participants will look at what criteria are essential to make a decision (including emotional states and necessary information), cross selling, how to handle objections effectively and finally how to close the deal.
The course will also touch on telephonic etiquette with a strong focus on telephonic sales.
To understand the sales process To effectively utilize the sales process to gain sales To gain the skills necessary to manage objections To gain the skills necessary to assist in decision making
Content: Introduction to Telephonic Sales The Telephone as a Communicative Tool Basic Telephonic Communication Skills Selling as a Process The Process Begins-Grabbing Attention The Process Continues-Keeping Attention Decision Making Criteria The Will and Desire as the Basis for Action Appealing to the Will and Desire Managing Objections Cross Selling The Process Closes-Closing Well, Make the Sale Reinitiating Old Clients Visit

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