first aid and defibrillator course

Pitchside First Aid and Defibrillator

€ 250
3 days
Part Time and Evening, Weekend
9am - 5pm each day

Course description

Advanced First Aid and Defibrillator Workshop

Did You Know?  This updated course with students not only gaining the recognized certification with PHECC ( Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council) for Ireland.

This is a popular 3 day intensive course. The course details all aspects of first aid but it is taught from a pitch-side basis so it is much more relevant for therapists and practitioners who will be working with sports people and teams. PHECC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care council Accredited.)

A large proportion of the course will be taught outdoors, regardless of weather conditions so please bring full rain gear and appropriate clothing.

This “hands-on” course gives a real insight into injuries which may occur during a sporting event!

The course also involves full training in the use of the Automatic External Defibrillators (AED), which is essential for any sports therapist. The AED is an important link in the chain of survival and this course teaches you how to use them effectively and safely.

It will gain you a fully recognized first aid cert, recognized by the PHECC and all insurance companies and associations etc.

Certification by PHECC valid for 2 years.

Bonus EpiPen Certification.