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Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy ~~CORE ASSESSMENT AND REHABILITATION  WORKSHOP  2 Day Course Core means centre. Therefore core training […]

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About Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy

 Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy (IMST)
 Why train with us?

  • We are specialists in Sports Massage and Physical Therapy – Its what we do, we don’t offer complementary therapy or beauty courses, we don’t run a gym- Sports Massage is our area of passion, focus and expertise
  • We are a student based college where student achievement and success is a matter of pride and it is our specific aim to encourage and support students in their studies and subsequent careers in any way we can.
  •  We are proud to have produced our own range of DVDs, showing all the practical techniques taught on the course. These are an invaluable asset for students to use as a home study aid.
  • We also provide real-life hands on experience for students at local sporting events and in our in-house clinic days. It’s not just about doing a course; it’s about converting that into a tangible career at the end of it.
  • All of our tutors are practicing therapists. We also invite several national and international guest lecturers to enhance our training and to offer students the most expert and up-to-date information.
  • We offer students a range of payment options to prevent finances limiting a student’s potential.
  • On graduating, we offer students a chance to place a listing on our Student Directory on our website to help them promote their business and build a client base.
  • We provide on-going support and training to graduates on completion of our courses by offering a broad range of workshops that allow the practicing therapists to continue and progress with their training and build their skill-set. We offer a variety of popular sports therapy workshops such as Sports Massage, Physical Therapy, Ultrasound training, Sports Nutrition, Kinesio Taping,Sports Cupping Therapy, Dry Needling, Sports Taping and Strapping Techniques, Advanced Rehabilitation and many more.

Specialists in Sports Medicine

The Institute prides itself on its successful history in the sports therapy field, with many graduates working in this popular and growing industry. Until recently this industry was unregulated, with the majority of practitioners being unqualified. It was all too often, that injuries were treated poorly and in many cases made more serious with incorrect treatment and rehabilitation advice. Thankfully, teams and sports clubs are now recognising the need for fully trained and qualified sports therapists, who have the ability and skill to treat the injured area in a confident, safe and effective manner. The comprehensive syllabus covered on the sports injury course allows graduates to perform this and also gives them a good understanding of correct training methods, injury prevention and sports nutrition, allowing them to offer all-round advice to their athletes.

The Institute has its own purpose built, state of the art venue in Annacotty, Limerick with spacious well appointed theory and separate practical rooms. We also have venues in Galway and Kilkenny. We limit our class numbers to a maximum of 16 to ensure individual attention and supervision. We use 3D anatomy software in our classes to ensure that the information is taught in a way that the students find interesting and easy to understand and it is our philosophy to teach in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable environment. Further to that, all students are provided with our course DVD which has been tailor-made to cover the syllabus with Video examples of all major treatments and techniques.

Because we have been running courses for over 19 years we are fully aware of this industry and what is needed by therapists to be able to work successfully on course completion. We are also well known to employers and are in tune with the changing nature of this industry and its current requirements. While our courses are recognised by ITEC and students will gain the ITEC qualifications on graduation, we don’t stick rigidly to any one syllabus but we are constantly updating and reviewing the course information to ensure that we are teaching the most current and up-to-date information.

As part of our Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage students must complete clinic work and work experience to help them gain confidence in their abilities, make valuable contacts and develop their skills as a therapist. We organise several work experience opportunities throughout the year where we bring students along to provide free post-event massages at events such as the Great Limerick run, the Connemaramarathon and at local events in Kilkenny.

Why not check out our home page to see when our next information meeting is and feel free to pop in and meet with us.