Core Rehab Workshop

Core Rehab Workshop

€ 250
Part Time and Evening

Course description

Core Assessment and Rehabilitation Workshop

2 Day Course

Core means center. Therefore core training is targeting the center or the trunk of your body. One of the important functions of these muscles is in stabilizing the spine and pelvis. A weak core can lead to injury of the back and recurring pain radiating from the spine or causing secondary symptoms throughout the body. Even those who have a regular training program are at risk.

The more you train and strengthen the main muscles, the more at risk you are of injury, if the core muscles are too weak to do their job.  As a therapist Core Assessment and Rehabilitation is essential for helping your clients with chronic postural or spinal issues.

This fascinating course will show you how to accurately assess the strength and function of the different core muscles. It also shows you how to switch back on inhibited weak abdominal muscles which may not respond to normal training programmes.

Core weakness and instability is a huge factor in many low back injuries, pelvis injuries, chronic groin, hamstring and lower leg injuries.

Venue:                        IMST,Limerick

Times                          Sat and Sun 9.30am-5.30pm


This workshop is open to anyone who has an understanding of the anatomy and muscles of the body, coaches, fitness instructors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, qualified level 3 or holistic massage therapists etc. The course is also open to our current level 4 students.