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October 2012
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News and Events Conversion CoursesConverting College Courses  

Have you ever wanted to convert your degree into something else? Have you ever wanted to specialise in a specific area of interest? Do you want to equip yourself with the necessary skills and qualifications that are currently in short supply? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, conversion courses could be the perfect fit for you to fulfil personal or professional ambitions.More Details >>

Featured Education Provider

Trainingpoint LimerickLearning Curve

The Learning Curve Institute currently delivers part time education and training programmes, as well as fully accredited FETAC Certificates in seven distinct faculties or departments; Addiction, Counselling, Mental Health, Driver Education, Social Studies, Languages and Outdoor Education. The Learning Curve Institute also offers workshops and customized corporate training on a regular basis…

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Featured Courses
Journalism and media Diploma Journalism and Media Diploma(CMI – Dublin City)

Starting 9th October 2012

The Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies is a highly rewarding, challenging and fascinating course , covering both print and broadcast journalism. The Diploma is divided into five main units..More Details >>

MakeupFablicious Advanced Digital Photography course(Dublin)

You’ll learn Choosing lenses to create effects, Getting the best exposure, How lens affects depth of field, Effectively using depth of field and controlling blur, Creative control of apertures and shutter speeds to create drama and dynamic compositions, Metering difficult scenes..More Details >>

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Category Focus Category Focus – Secretarial / AdminInterested in becoming a Legal secretary or Medical Secretary? or maybe you just want to pick up some skills such as dictaphone typing or become more adept at call handling and customer care. If so then check out our Secretarial and Admin Course Category for courses in these areas. You can also check out our article about Secretarial Courses.
Featured Education Article Acupuncture CoursesAcupuncture We can accept that any therapy practice that has survived thousands of years is guaranteed to deliver benefits and results. Acupuncture, which originates from China, is such a practice, and it continues to grow in popularity in the Western world.

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine which involves the insertion of very thin needles to various depths through the patient’s skin at specific acupuncture points on the body. Traditional Chinese medicine works on the premise that by stimulating these points

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Upcoming Open Days Upcoming Open Days Open days can be a great way of checking out a college and for getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on Findacourse.ie…More Details >>
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