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sales and marketing coursesThe nature of commerce means that there will always be businesses looking for some form of promotion, so if you choose this career path then it should follow that opportunities for employment will lay in your path. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because the world of marketing and PR can be extremely hard to break into. You have to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. A marketing and PR course is one way to achieve this, but choosing the correct course will be important.

Marketing and PR courses are offered by a large number of institutes nationwide. The two can be offered together or separately, depending on the nature of the course. Most people taking courses like these are best to have at least rudimentary knowledge of both in order to forge a successful career.

In terms of career prospects, finding a job in public relations or marketing can be difficult in the real world and you really have to make an impact on companies and agencies. Having a diploma or degree gives you the formal knowledge that you need to catch their attention. Having samples of previous work and an online presence will also be an advantage. Choosing a course with a work experience option is a good idea as this will show that your skills have been tested (don’t forget to request a reference from your work experience provider). Coupled with samples of work, this will place you in a strong position when it comes to interviews.

Marketing and PR courses Ireland

The majority of marketing and PR courses come in the form of degrees, but are also available as diplomas or higher certificates. There are postgrad diploma’s or master’s degrees available as well if you want to take your education that one step further. The degree option will either last three or four years, with the third year of a four year course being a work experience placement. For those with less time looking for part time and evening course options there are plenty of courses provided by private colleges. These will be especially suited to those already in the field or in related fields and looking to add extra skill sets in this area.

All diploma and degree courses will contain certain modules. The basics would be marketing concepts, marketing environment, public relations, sponsorship, buyer and organisation behaviour, market research, sales forecasting, budgeting, recruitment, marketing and planning at home and abroad, branding, advertising, financial relationships, product planning, the law and crisis management. The courses may indeed include much more, and some of the modules may go under different labels, but each one will teach you the basics of everything you need to know.

The assessment for the individual courses will vary, but there will usually be some sort of practical project. Some may also include written examinations and other pieces of coursework. This may be worth a look because a project will give you more practical experience and provide portfolio material if required.

The colleges below all have a marketing and public relations course available and can provide an excellent start to any research:

1. – Griffith College Dublin – The diploma offered lasts for a year and is designed to offer a foundation for a career. It is a part time evening course, which is perfect for those already working in PR or marketing or wanting a career change.

2. – His Limerick Business School – The diploma course is completed over 24 weeks or 18 for an intensive course and a large chunk of it is online so you can complete it at your own leisure.

3. Waterford Institute of Technology – This is a degree course that incorporates a work placement, thus giving you the complete qualification.

4. – Dublin Institute of Technology – This master’s course incorporates more complex public relations practices and theory, thus taking your career one step further.

5. – Dundalk Institute of Technology – There is a range of marketing and public relations courses here to choose from so you can take you time to look through and choose the right one for you.

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