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Education NewsChristmas Revision Courses
Education News
‘Tis the season for more study! For Leaving Cert & college students the holiday season can be a double edged sword. While looking forward to time off, family reunions & festive fun, there is also the need to study, revise and complete any Christmas exams that are looming on the horizon. For Leaving Cert students, some will contemplate the plentiful Christmas revision courses on offer throughout the country.

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Featured Educator Image Fitness Training
Featured Educator
Become a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Instructor with the National Elite Professional Certificate from Image Fitness Training. After getting together with eight of Irelands top Fitness educators and innovators, the NEFPC has launched a revolutionary curriculum of industry-leading EHFA Accredited courses..

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Featured Courses
Business Management QQI Level 6 Component

Business Management QQI Level 6 Component, Distance Learning

This distance learning course equips Managers (and those new to Management) with comprehensive skills to improve their organisational and people management abilities. Students will learn how to: (1) organise company structures/teams, (2) complete internal and external organisation reviews, (3) effectively lead and manage staff, (4) manage their time more effectively, and (5) learn how to be more organised as Managers.

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Part Time Beauty Therapy Course

Part Time Beauty Therapy Course, Galway

This course leads to qualifications with international examination bodies ITEC and CIBTAC. The course offers this course three times per year – January (Saturday) – May (Monday) – October (Monday, choice of full day or Monday and Tuesday evening). For more details please contact Gergina Price to set up an appoinment with someone from the college and discuss the course in more detail and to view facilities.

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Category Focus Languages
Featured Category
From Arabic to Vietnamese, our languages category page offers a wide range of courses from languages for beginners to more advanced course options for improvers.Check out our Languages Course Listings for more information and our Languages Articles for language learning tips and information.
Featured Article Personal Development
Featured Article
Personal development courses can make a big difference to your employment prospects as well as greatly increasing the chances of achieving job fulfillment. When they were first introduced, they were perceived as inessential. Now, with such fierce competition for many jobs, these courses have become increasingly popular and an important consideration in career progression. It is not only the lack of jobs and fierce competition that make personal development courses a good option..

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College Open Days
Open days can be a great way of evaluating a college and getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on

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Upcoming Open Days
upcoming courses
distance learning courses
Pitman Training Courses
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Christmas Revision Courses

Christmas revision courses‘Tis the season for more study! For Leaving Cert & college students the holiday season can be a double edged sword. While looking forward to time off there is also the need to study, revise and complete any Christmas exams that are looming on the horizon. For Leaving Cert students, some will contemplate the plentiful Christmas revision courses on offer throughout the country.

For parents, this option may seem a step too far, coming as it does during a financially stressful time of year. There are also concerns about the “Grinds Culture”  which promotes inequality between those students who can afford this option and those that can’t. Criticism in recent years has come from teachers, principals and also the National Parents Council. Some critics argue that these courses are nothing more than a shortcut in the points race and lead to skewed results. Inaccurate points scores can increase the dropout rates in college for those who have over-achieved in the Leaving Cert and can’t continue this level of performance into third level.

Despite the criticism, thousands of students will sign up for these courses in the weeks ahead in the hope that it will improve results or help them catch up if they are lagging behind in certain subjects. For those students that may have missed class time due to injury or illness, courses like this could help them bridge the gap. There are also students who may regard teachers in some subjects to be less open to questioning for those lagging behind or less skilled at imparting their knowledge to their students. For these students intensive revision courses in these subjects could be beneficial.

Otherwise the general consensus seems to be that Christmas is a good time for taking a break with time for some study & revision in spare time as required. For those that are finding difficulties in certain subjects, more benefit might be had by revising the parts of these subjects that they are comfortable with (and other subjects of course) over the Christmas and investing in some one-to-one grinds for the areas of difficulty in 2016.

Some prices and resources for Christmas revision courses are listed below..

Bruce College Cork offer a one week intensive Leaving Cert revision course costing €195 per subject. The course runs from Dec 28th to Jan 2nd (excluding Jan 1st). The college also offers one day intensive revision courses. More information about this college can be found at

Limerick Tutorial College offers a 4 day intensive Leaving Cert preparation course. This course costs €185 per subject but offers discounted rates for extra subjects with 5 subjects costing €400. Each subject is covered for 1 & a half hours per day (6 hours total). More details about this college can be found at

Yeats College have 2 colleges in Waterford and Galway. They offer a one week revision course running from Dec 28th to Jan 2nd (excluding Jan 1st). Each subject costs €150 with discounts applied for multiple subjects (5 subjects costs €480). More details can be found on their website at

The Dublin School of Grinds in Stillorgan are offering free preparation courses for Leaving Cert students. Students can attend up to 3 such courses (3 different subjects) as an introduction to the Schools techniques and courses. While the courses are free & may therefore not be as intensive as other Christmas revision courses, the notes and tips on offer may be of benefit even for those not continuing further with the school.

The Institute of Education on Leeson Street, Dublin 2 offers a 5 day course from 29th December to January 2nd (including New Years Day) Classes here cost €295  each (the most expensive option reviewed by far) with discounts offered for multiple classes. More information can be found at

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Ireland’s Ageing Population Demands More Care Assistants

caring coursesWith the increasing longevity of Ireland’s population, the demand for care assistants is high and demand is expected to continue increasing. Limitations in health authority budgets means there is more emphasis on home care rather than in residential care homes, with much health authority work outsourced to the private sector offering in-home care. Besides the elderly, other groups of people also require care assistants. People living with disability, special needs, those convalescing or suffering life limiting physical and mental illnesses, all need additional care in the home.

Care assistants provide basic social and personal care combined with emotional support to those people that need help with everyday tasks. The role of the Care Assistant is to help people keep as independent as possible and to be as physically and socially active within the constraints of their particular restrictions. Care assistants are found in hospitals, residential and respite centres, and private homes. Many care assistants have a list of clients they routinely visit in the course of a working week.

Work Activities

The type of care provided depends on the age, self-sufficiency, and health of the patients. They help people with the tasks they are unable to perform unaided. This could mean helping someone getting up from bed, assisting them with washing and bathing and making something to eat for them. Typical duties include helping with eating, toileting, dressing and mobility, Care assistants under supervision may also be responsible for routine medical tasks such as changing dressings.


A career as a Care Assistant can be developed while working on the job or by completing qualifications first. While there is no formal requirement yet for care assistants, there have been indications that new legislation this year will make a formal basic qualification mandatory. Some employers will require a Leaving certificate and most will require some experience of caring for people.

Training in this area is highly recommended, as there are many aspects of this caring profession that require knowledge of best practice and health and safety procedures when it comes to assisting patients and taking care of their personal needs.

Care assistants as a rule are over 18 years of age and it is a career with no upper age limit. In fact, it is an ideal career choice for those who have families and can only work part time or around school hours and it is also ideal for those who are returning to the workplace after raising families.

Formal Training

There is a wide range of courses available in Ireland and the QQI Level 5 awards are comprehensive and the gold standard training for Care Assistants and Healthcare Assistants. Broken down into different learning modules, it is possible to complete all of the modules with full time study to gain a QQI major award, study part time or to study individual modules to achieve relevant minor awards – Safety and Health at Work for example. The responsibility of working with people who are dependent means formal expertise is a necessary tool for anyone working in the sector and will be an advantage to anyone wishing to follow this career path.

Common Modules for both Care and Healthcare Assistants are Safety & Health at Work, Care Skills, Care of the Older Person, Communications, and Care Support. Specific modules for Care Assistants are Nutrition and Food Safety & HACCUP. Healthcare Assistants have Team working, Palliative Care Support and Work Experience modules.


Candidates who are working as a Care Assistant or who wish to pursue a career as a care assistant should look at the advantages and benefits that gaining a formal qualification can bring. Care assistants need to be vigilant and having the right training leaves nothing to chance and gives employers and the families of patients confidence the care worker will know what to do in a given situation. There may be a crisis and without any formal training, a care worker could be in a situation where they are unable to take the right course of action, particularly in the home environment.

Working as a Healthcare or Care Assistant is a rewarding career with opportunities to specialise in different areas such as care of the elderly or palliative care. Individual learning modules are designed to be carried out by distance learning and in a workshop setting for the practical skills modules. There are also elective modules available to suit the particular field of the candidate.

This growth area is an ideal opportunity suited to men and women looking for a career where there is a high demand for workers. Care work is a career that offers flexibility to suit different lifestyles and is ideal for those who want to work part time or outside of the regular business day.

Denise Colebrooke

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Short Term Courses

short courses IrelandThere are many of us who shy away from the idea of books, classrooms or lecture halls; even more so if we have sacrificed years of earning potential to get that ‘essential’ degree under the belt. In recent times, many of us are faced with the harsh reality that our qualifications are defunct in today’s cruel employment market.

There are endless recommendations on how to make yourself more employable or current these days with conversion courses being one option (a conversion programme is a highly intensive course undertaken over a few months which converts your current qualifications into another qualification). It is suggested that the average person will change careers six times in their lifetime (not always by choice), so the flexibility and broader knowledge base gained from conversion courses are huge assets in the jobs market.

What do you do if you aren’t ready to convert? If you are reluctant to commit to a full-time or part-time course; there are short courses you can complete in a day that entail no long term commitment but yet will furnish you with a certificate of completion and a statement of skills acquired from a recognised trainer. Yes, that gap in your qualifications/skills base could be addressed in 1 day.

There are a number of employees in the workplace that often fake familiarity and competence in certain areas, but fear being found out. There are also a number of people who are prevented from applying for new positions as they might lack one essential skill. The advantage of taking a course in a day is that it can be done in confidence without anybody knowing if that is your wish or it can quickly bring you up to speed in areas you lack confidence in.

Pitman Training runs a number of courses that require less than a day out of your life to complete. As an example: if you’re familiar with Windows and confident with a mouse, but find it difficult to navigate your way around the internet; they have a course just for you. Their internet course will introduce you to all the basics you need when it comes to using the internet and email. This course covers using Internet Explorer, search providers, using search, favourites and history, online transactions, webmail, email etiquette and more.  As part of this day course you will work your way through and produce a personalised workbook. Pitman stands for excellence in training and this name on your CV will ensure that your employer or future employer will be assured of the credibility of the course completed. You can also do Word or Excel courses with Pitman, amongst others, which will equip you with essential skills to optimise your performance in the workplace.

Griffin College run a comprehensive day course in Conflict Handling and Resolution Skills. These skills are extremely valued in the workplace and certainly do add to your transferable skills. The aim and purpose of this course is to assist participants to identify possible causes of conflict, key conflict denominators, barriers to resolutions and possible solutions. This course is extremely relevant and sought after in today’s workplace. As an employee you could possibly save your employer a substantial fee engaging profession conflict mediators.

Short term Courses give you an opportunity to learn something completely new or enhance your current skills. These courses will ensure that you are keeping up with your continuous professional development. They may be short but they are extremely focused and current regarding workplace skills. Those sought after skills you need might just be 1 day away – thanks to the credible and professional training providers in Ireland who see the relevancy in offering such courses.

Catriona Lowry

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Acupuncture Information Event, December 12th, Dublin

cofea acupunctureThe College of Five Element Acupuncture (COFEA) are hosting a free information event about their training options for those seeking professional acupuncturist qualifications on Saturday 12 December 2015 in the Marine Hotel, Sutton Cross, Dublin 13 from 2.30pm to 5pm.

The Schedule for the afternoon is listed below. It will be a great learning opportunity for those interested in the Five Elements and this ancient system of medicine, those wishing to study at COFEA, and current acupuncture practitioners who wish to know more about Five Element Acupuncture and its practice.

Participants can also enjoy doing five element Qi Gong Exercises on the day to relax and energise.


  • 2:15pm – Arrival/Registration
  • 2:30pm – How you work
  • 3:15pm – Tea/Coffee
  • 3:30pm – Five Element Qi gong movements and exercises
  • 4:30pm – Balancing energy on both sides of the body
  • 5:15pm – Questions and Closing

Pre-registration is required for this free event and can be gotten by emailing

The college principal, Declan Rothwell, welcomes participants and can be contacted at or by calling (01) 833 0865. More information about the course can be viewed on the COFEA page –

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November 2015 E-News

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Education NewsCollege Aware Week, November 2015
Education News
College Awareness Week (CAW) will take place from November 23rd to November 29th 2015. This is the second year of the CAW initiative which aims to highlight the options for school leavers in further and higher education and to advise students on preparing for college life. CAW is aimed at providing students with informed choices to pursue the course best suited to their interests, abilities and future plans, whether that is a PLC qualification, an apprenticeship or a university degree.

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Featured Educator Dorset College
Featured Educator
Dorset College offers a wide range of career focused courses. This includes Accounting and Finance, Business and Management, Computers and Information Technology, Multimedia-Game and Animination Development Courses also Web design, Law and Forensic Psychology and Montessori, Childcare and Healthcare courses…

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Featured Courses
Advanced Skin Care

Advanced Skin Care , Dublin City – 22 November

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School in conjunction with Jeanne Brophy are offering a specialist course on clinical skin care for aesthetic professionals. This course is focused on serious skin analysis for therapists/nurses with a passion for creating beautiful skin. The course will empower you to give the best results possible…

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MSC in Software Engineering and Database Technologies

MSC in Software Engineering and Database Technologies, Distance Learning

This programme aims to provide a flexible, part-time, blended learning route for students to gain the necessary professional skills and hands-on experience of software development as a basis for a career in the IT industry. Students also acquire specialised knowledge of specific IT topics, particularly in the area of software development and database systems…

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Category Focus Fitness Training
Featured Category
Interested in becoming a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer or Nutritionist? If so then why not check out the Fitness and Health Course Listings Page. Fitness and Health features and articles can be viewed on our Fitness Features Page.
Featured Article Sales Training
Featured Article
Do you see yourself earning hefty bonuses and emptying the company’s warehouse in the course of an impressive selling spree? However bad the economy gets, being a strong sales person will always be in demand. The top people have a deep understanding of their products, know how to relate to their customers and – in all probability – have that charming sales patter down to a fine art. As fans of The Apprentice will know, Alan Sugar simply can’t get enough of people who can swap products for cash, and he’s not the only one.

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College Open Days
Open days can be a great way of evaluating a college and getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on

College Open Days ››

Upcoming Open Days
upcoming courses
distance learning courses
Pitman Training Courses, BSM Building, Parkmore Business Park West, Galway
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Lean Training

lean trainingLean Enterprise Institute is a non profit organisation that carefully develops ideas about ‘lean’ thinking that benefits businesses. But what is Lean? Lean is a production practice that considers the use of resources for any goal other than creation of value for the customer to be wasteful. Value is defined as any action or process that a customer is willing to pay for and lean thinking is always concerned with the perspective of the customer.

Lean is mainly concerned with preserving value but with less work; a management philosophy derived from the Toyota Production System (TPS). TPS is known for its focus on reducing the original Toyota ‘seven wastes’ in an effort to improve overall customer value. The steady growth of Toyota from a small company to the world’s largest car manufacturer has highlighted the company’s successful business model.

Lean organisation describes itself as a ‘do tank’ rather than a traditional ‘think tank’, with one of their main aims; “…to answer the simple question of every manager, ‘What can I do Monday morning to make a difference in my organization?’’. Lean Enterprise has created a strong community through websites, public events and teaching events.

There are five principals of Lean.

1. Specify value from the standpoint to the end customer by product family

2. Identify all the steps in the value stream for each product family, eliminating those steps that do not create value

3. Make the value creating steps occur in tight sequence so the product will flow smoothly toward the customer

4. As flow is introduced, let customers pull value from the next upstream activity

5. As value is specified, value streams are identified, wasted steps are removed and flow and pull are introduced , begin the process again and continue until a state of perfection is reached in which there is no waste and perfect value is created.

There are many management training courses that teach people how to actually go about implementing these principals including; Lean Leadership Workshops, Lean Concepts and Tools Workshops, Lean Specialized Workshops, Lean Healthcare Workshops as well as Lean online education. In these workshops, that have a reputation for practical and comprehensive content, you learn step-by-step how to use lean principals and how to make the leap from the traditional business model, that focuses on individual processes, to the lean model; which focuses on optimizing the flow of value in a company. In the current economic climate, who wouldn’t want to see more productivity in their company while cutting back on excess and wasteful expenditure?

One of the most popular lean training courses on offer today is Six Sigma. The Six Sigma are a set of tools and strategies that were originally developed by Motorola and today they are used in many different businesses. Six Sigma aims to improve the quality of process outputs, by identifying and removing the causes of errors, as well as minimise variability in management processes. It uses a set of quality management methods and creates groups of people known as Green Belts, Black Belts etc. that are experts in the Six Sigma methods.

There are many benefits in taking a Lean training course. The training teaches a better use of resources; meaning that the cost of operations, materials and time will be reduced. It improves an employee’s CV and employability as well as building confidence; as the skills learned in the training can be easily used and built upon. The training can also improve a company’s reputation and build shareholder confidence, as well as improving business partnerships. In the fragile economical times we are currently living in, there is no better time to embark on a Lean training and add value to your company or CV.

View more Lean Training courses on

Fiona McBennett

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College Costs Causing Stress

college costsThe Union of Students in Ireland (USI) have released survey findings which have shown a high level of students facing financial stress and anxiety due to high college costs. The union held this survey in the lead up to World Mental Health Day on 10th October.

The survey found that 73% of students were stressed or anxious about paying rent, college registration fees, living expenses, transportation costs and general college expenses. USI president, Kevin Donoghue has called on the government to reduce the registration fee of €3000 and to address the student accommodation crisis which affected so many students earlier this Autumn.

Students now account for a significant percentage of those living below the poverty line (15.2% according to NERI) and the recent rise in rents (8.2% over last 12 months) has helped to compound the issue with many students feeling the strain.

The full results of the survey can be viewed below..

•    95.3% of students think the cost of college is too high
•    73.1% of students said the high cost of college causes them anxiety or stress
•    72% of students are struggling financially to stay in college
•    40% are on a maintenance grant
•    If fees go up, 63% of students said they won’t be able to attend college

College Costs Causing Most Stress
•    Registration fee of €3,000 (41%)
•    Rent (23.6%)
•    Food, drink and living costs (17%)
•    Transport (10.4%)
•    Books, equipment and stationary (7.1%)
•    Laptop/Printer (1.4%)

Jill O’ Herlihy from Mental Health Ireland said “Financial struggles affect everybody, especially students. We need to be mindful that when these issues arise, we act upon it instead of sweeping them under the carpet. The most important thing to review is how you’re handling this stress, to make sure everything else in your life reduces it, such as sleeping for 8 hours, eating healthy and exercising”.

For students who are under significant financial strain, the first thing to do is engage with your college. Most colleges have student assistance funds in place for those with legitimate financial issues and will also help by providing advice and options. Simply call in to the college administration office and ask to speak to someone regarding student finances and options available to students in financial difficulty. As the old adage goes “A problem shared is a problem halved”.

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Crafts and Hobby Courses

crafts and hobby coursesCrafts and hobby courses were once seen as a way for people of the older generations to pass the time. People who may have wanted to improve their social life and wanted to meet a few like minded people once a week. The skill did not matter but the social club that the course morphed into did.

Times have changed and this is no longer the case although the social aspect does of course come hand in hand with it. A lot of people now go to crafts courses to learn a new skill for their own personal development. There are plenty of these courses around that allow for any number of skills to be learned.

Crafts and hobby courses are usually held at local colleges and may be either a day or night course. There are usually several time slots to cater for different lifestyles so that you have a variety to choose from. The course range offered is usually diverse and may include cake decorating, creative writing, knitting, crocheting, the basics of drama, sewing, dressmaking, painting, sculpting, sketching, English literature, flower arranging and a whole host of others.

Arts and Crafts courses, painting courses

Some courses are relatively obscure, but the majority teach popular skills that come in handy in everyday life. These skills may not be career oriented, but they are extremely useful and can be integral in ensuring an individual’s personal development!

Crafts and hobby courses are excellent space fillers for individuals that have a hectic schedule because they are often only on once or twice a week. The majority of courses last between one and two hours, usually depending on whether they are scheduled on one or two days of the week, but very few last longer than that. Some may even be over the course of a weekend. The length of the courses varies from college to college. Some may last six weeks, others may last twenty to thirty weeks. The shorter courses do not tend to give a qualification at the end, whereas the long courses may give a National Certificate or similar.

The course itself will obviously have a set curriculum, but each one will often deal with a different area of the art or craft every week. There may be examinations at the end of the course, but that is unlikely because arts and crafts courses usually only have a practical exam, if indeed they have one at all.

In terms of advancing a person’s career, crafts and hobby courses are generally taken for pleasure but they can lead to a passion that sparks a future business idea. There are businesses that were born out of a short course at a local college so the idea that they are just for fun and otherwise useless is often far from accurate. Many individuals use them to enhance their existing careers because a hobby or crafts course can act as a stress reliever and may lead to a person doing better at work as a result. lists a range of Crafts and hobby Courses so why not check out our listings.

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Weekend Film and Film Production Courses with Underground Films

weekend film production coursesDo you want to work in the film business? Do you have what it takes to make your own film? If you answered yes then good news, award-winning Irish production company Underground Films is offering a comprehensive weekend course that acts as an introduction to the business of film and film production.

Underground Films are best known for their feature documentaries The Pipe, Tana Bana, and One Million Dubliners, but have also produced award-winning feature films, like Terry McMahon’s Patrick’s Day, as well as acclaimed short films, such as Sandboy, Home, and 4 Queens.

The course will be presented by experienced producers, and includes insight on Practical Production Skills and what to expect on a shoot, from the basics, to the art of pitching your film.

It will also cover areas such as Script development, Cast and Acting, Crew Locations, dealing with Gear, Action Vehicles, Stunts, Media, Budget, Legal requirements, Insurance, Clearances, Archive material, Contracts, Music & Music Licences, Accounts, Film Paperwork & Reports, Schedules, and Transport.

The Introduction to Producing will cover:

  1. Working relationships between Writer, Director and Producer
  2. Story and Script Development
  3. Financing your Film
  4. Production
  5. Marketing, Distribution and Film Festivals

The first Weekend Course starts on Saturday September 19th (10.00-17.00) & Sunday September 20th (10:00-17:00), and will be based in Dublin City Centre.

To Book or for more information, contact Underground Films on (01) 444 9064 or email

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Postgraduate Study Options

postgraduate courses in IrelandA postgraduate course is a qualification after a degree, such as a higher diploma or a masters. The Postgraduate Applications Centre ( website allows students to make applications for postgraduate programmes at higher level education institutions across Ireland. The website links to many third level institutions, including UCC, NUI Galway and DCU, and offers applications to courses such as Higher Diploma in Midwifery and Public Health Nursing.

To make an application for a postgraduate programme through the website, each applicant must register to the PAC system. Once logged in successfully, applicants may browse courses and select a suitable programme. Applicants are asked to fill out an application form, where some personal information such as qualifications and experience are requested.

There are many postgraduate courses on offer in third level and private collegeswith a range of colleges offering diverse and exciting postgraduate options. Below is a list of some and examples of the courses they offer.

NUIG : NUI Galway has established a reputation for high quality education and offers a wide selection of courses for postgraduates. The courses on offer include Master of Arts in Adult Learning and Development and Practice Based Play Therapy (P Cert/ Dip)

IADT : The Institute of Art, Design and Technology in Dun Laoghaire offers a large range of interesting courses with a career focus. Postgraduate studies include MA in Public Culture Studies and Msc in Cyberpsychology.

CMI : Communications and Management Institute in Dublin city centre offers many business training courses which are career and industry focused. Postgraduate options include Management Postgraduate Diploma level 9 and HR Advanced Diploma Course.

PCI : PCI College was founded in 1991 and is Ireland’s leading provider of courses in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. Braches are located in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Kilkenny and Athlone. Postgraduate courses include a Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology (level 8).

IPA: The Institute of Public Administration is the management development agency for the country’s public sector. IPA offers a range of training programmes for the public, private and voluntary sectors, such as a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management and Master of Arts and Postgraduate Diploma (and Master of Economic Science) in Policy Analysis.

Ulearning: Ulearning Skillnet is a collaborative project programme that links academia and industry. Ulearning focuses on meeting the needs of industry in the areas of Engineering, Science and Technology. Postgraduate courses on offer include Msc in Technological Development and Masters in Software Engineering and Database technologies.

Author: Fiona McBennett

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September 2015 E-News

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Education NewsStudent Housing Crisis
Education News
So the hard work is over, a difficult Leaving Cert year of study plans and stressful choices has paid off and a college placement awaits… well maybe not, for many students, there is still plenty to do before they can be assured of starting college this Autumn. The student housing crisis has become a popular news feature this time of year and is now worse than ever, with some of the more popular destinations charging exorbitant rates for student housing.

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Featured Educator Malahide Community School
Featured Educator
Malahide Community School Situated just a quarter of a mile from the beautiful village of Malahide has been offering adult education classes since 1977 and has an extensive adult education programme which runs on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7.30 to 9.30p.m. This Autumn there is an extensive range of evening courses in subjects ranging from Arts and Crafts to Yoga..

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Featured Courses
Addiction Studies Level 5

Addiction Studies Level 5, Dublin City

Ever thought of working in Addiction Counselling? An important part of working in addiction counselling is identifying strategic responses to the various types and stages of addiction. CMI have introduced a new QQI level 5 Addiction studies course which will teach you the causes of addiction, and models of treatment. You will learn to identify patterns of abuse and be equipped to work in various setting..

Course Details ››

BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Physical Education

BSc (Hons) in Sports Science and Physical Education, Croke Park

In Ireland the demand for skilled, highly trained graduates in this specialised area is at an all time high. Knowledge and understanding of Sports Science and Physical Education is developed through an integrated programme of lectures, tutorials, practicals and laboratory based sessions, and through the guided use of student centered learning activities such as problem solving exercises, case studies, directed reading and e-learning.

Course Details ››

Part Time BA

Part Time BA, NUI Galway

The Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development at NUI Galway has an exciting new course starting on 11th September.The new part-time Diploma/Bachelor of Arts (Humanities and Social Sciences) will be delivered in an innovative way using Online Lectures and Blended Learning techniques. This course will suit those working full-time and/or with family commitments. The flexible, broad-based curriculum allows you to choose a degree pathway that reflects your individual interests and career objectives. The curriculum includes specialisms in Archaeology, Economics, English Literature & Drama, History, Training & Education Management and Modern Languages.

Course Details ››

ITEC Hairdressing 18 month Diploma

ITEC Hairdressing 18 month Diploma, Wexford

This ITEC 18 Month Diploma Course (level 2 and 3) intense program requires great commitment and is suited to those who have serious career ambitions. If you are interested in hairdressing and have a creative flair, this is your chance to gain the skills necessary to start your career in hairdressing.At Mags Browne Hairdressing Academy the mission is to provide students with the most intensive professional hairdressing school training, focusing on the technical, behavioral and service skills to ensure the graduates are truly prepared to enter into any professional salon environment and have a prosperous, rewarding career in hairdressing.

Course Details ››

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Category Focus Crafts and Hobby Courses
Featured Category
Crafts and Hobby courses are more than just a way to pass the time. They can be a doorway to a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. Whether its Art or Woodworking these courses offer a chance to enhance your creative and productive skills. For more info view our Crafts and Hobby course listings or view our article feature about crafts and hobby courses..
Featured Article Autumn Evening Courses
Featured Article
For those of us looking back on younger days, Autumn was mainly associated with the return to school. If your school days are behind you, it might be time to replace those experiences with more positive ones. September and October are jam-packed with exciting opportunities to sign up to a new learning experience. Attending a part-time evening course is a great way to enhance a CV, to socialise and make friends, as well as learn something completely new. The abundance of courses available means that there is something to suit everyone.

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College Open Days
Open days can be a great way of evaluating a college and getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on

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Student Housing Crisis

college accomodationSo the hard work is over, a difficult Leaving Cert year of study plans and stressful choices has paid off and a college placement awaits… well maybe not, for many students, there is still plenty to do before they can be assured of starting college this Autumn. The student housing crisis has become a popular news feature this time of year and is now worse than ever, with some of the more popular destinations charging exorbitant rates for student housing.

Dublin City University (DCU) is experiencing one of the worst years ever in terms of student accommodation. There the Students’ Union Vice President for Welfare, Domhnaill Harkin, described how it had been inundated with calls from students and parents searching for suitable housing. The union has had to ask staff of the university to consider renting out rooms to future students. While the college does have a number of on-campus accommodation options, these can only accommodate 1,100 students and with student numbers in excess of 10,000 there is lots of competition for the other available options.

With increased demand, landlords can increase rents and this is the scene in many of Ireland’s student hubs at the moment. An Irish independent survey of prices and availability found that rooms on offer close to colleges such as Trinity College ranged in price from €500 up to €2000 per month. Outside of the city centre this does fall a little but students can still be expecting to pay between €500 to €800 in the south of the city. The north of the city offers lowest rates at between €350 and €975. In Galway the survey showed prices up to €560 and in Cork up to €575. The real challenge is finding decent quality housing for a good price, when housing shortages occur the standards tend to drop with many students having to settle for poor quality housing with hygiene, sanitation, heating or other issues.

There is also the problem of prejudice. Accurate or not, students have a reputation for a party lifestyle with many property owners unwilling to rent out rooms to college goers. Conor Clancy, Trinity College Students’ Union Welfare Officer described this issue as ‘discrimination’ saying that the issue has become endemic in recent years. Students have been sharing stories of unanswered calls and emails from prospective landlords who can afford to choose their tenants carefully due to the housing shortage. Many students face the prospect of lengthy commutes to their morning lectures as they are forced out of city centre locations to the suburbs.

So for those who may have got late offers or who have left it late in sourcing their accommodation for the year ahead it looks like slim pickings in the more sought after locations, some students will be sharing cramped conditions even resorting to sleeping on the sofa of a friends house until something more appealing arises. If the worst happens and nowhere is found then a deferral may be the only option, if this is the case be sure to contact the college and explain the situation and have it agreed in writing that a deferral has been arranged.

As the student housing crisis seems to be worsening year on year it would be hoped that the government will start taking a more pro-active role in finding a solution to the problem. A spokeswoman from the HEA has said that forthcoming HEA report would consider actions to support accommodation for students. Hopefully this report will lead to action and students will not have to face the housing crisis for years to come.

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New Apprenticeship Options

new apprenticeships IrelandThe apprenticeship system in Ireland has been long due an overhaul and this has been announced recently by Education Minister, Jan O’Sullivan.

25 new apprenticeship schemes have been agreed between industry and training agencies, including trainee positions in software development, medical devices, financial services, accountancy, logistics and hospitality. Further positions are also being considered from a total of 86 possible schemes which were identified by the Apprenticeship Council, following an 8 month evaluation process.

The new types of apprenticeships are very flexible, ranging in duration from two to four years, and will be offered at Levels 5 to 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (previously the highest qualification was a diploma at level 6). The sole level 9 apprenticeship scheme is at master’s level and is an apprenticeship as an executive chef through IT Tralee’s school of culinary arts. The expectation is that 50-100 apprentices will be taken in under each scheme, creating as many as 2,500 places each year.

Speaking at the announcement, Minister O’Sullivan said: “I want to thank the Apprenticeship Council for all the work it has done in bringing us to this point. It represents an important milestone in what has been a concentrated effort to improve the options available to those who wish to participate in apprenticeships, whether they are employers or prospective students.”

Minister for Skills, Research and Innovation, Damien English TD said “If Ireland is to be both competitive and innovative we need a highly skilled workforce. Apprenticeships offer a tried and tested method of developing highly skilled workers using a powerful mixture of course work and practical on the job learning. I am delighted we are now about to double the number of Apprenticeship Schemes to better serve the needs of a whole new range of industry sectors.”

The 25 new apprenticeship schemes are listed below..

Training Provider
Apprenticeship Title
Accounting Technicians Ireland Higher Apprenticeship in Accountancy
Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland Butchery and Fresh Food Retail
Combilift OEM Technician
Dawson Travel Travel Professional
Donegal ETB Advanced Craft Welder
Donegal ETB Craft Welder
Eircom Telecommunications Field Technician
Fasttrack to IT Network Engineering
Fasttrack to IT Software Developer
Financial Services Ireland IFS Generalist
Financial Services Ireland IFS Advanced Specialist
Financial Services Ireland IFS Specialist
Flour Confectionary and Bakers Association Baker
Irish Hotels Federation & Restaurants Association of Ireland Commis Chef
Irish Medical Device Association Manufacturing Engineer
Irish Medical Device Association Manufacturing Technician
Irish Road haulage Association HGV Driver
IT Tralee Sous Chef
IT Tralee Chef de Partie
IT Tralee Commis Chef
IT Tralee Executive Chef
Limerick IOT Field Service Engineer – Electrical Technology
National Institute of Transport and Logistics Warehouse and Distribution Operative
Plastics Ireland Polymer Processing Technician
Zurich Insurance General Insurance Practitioner

When training as an apprentice, generally the first off-the-job training phase will take place in an Education and Training Board (ETB) Training Centre while the subsequent off-the-job training phases will take place in an Institute of Technology. For more information contact your local ETB or SOLAS centre.

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August 2015 E-News Bulletin

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Education NewsNew Apprenticeship Options
Education News
The apprenticeship system in Ireland has been long due an overhaul and this has been announced recently by Education Minister, Jan O’Sullivan. 25 new apprenticeship schemes have been agreed between industry and training agencies, including trainee positions in software development, medical devices, financial services, accountancy, logistics and hospitality.

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Featured Educator Pitman Training
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Pitman Training provide a wide range of “job-specific” courses in areas such as Secretarial, Computers, Accounts, Business and Personal Development. These courses can enhance career prospects, whether you’re climbing the career ladder or want a complete career change. Pitman Training offer a flexible style of training which allows you to choose lesson times that suits your busy schedule – day, evening and Saturday times available.

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Spanish Level 1

Spanish Level 1, Dublin City

Absolute beginners (for students who have no previous knowledge of the language). An introductory Course for students who are beginners in Spanish. The Sandford Language Institute has been running classes in Spanish since 1989. Tutors are native speakers and qualified teachers, teaching the communicative use of the language making it as relevant as possible to every day situations.

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Media Studies Level 5 PLC

Media Studies Level 5 PLC, Westmeath

Certificate in Creative Media (5M5048). This course is designed to afford students the opportunity to become fimilare with the various fields of media, photography, games studies and image design. Excellent career and promotional prospects for successful graduates. Content – Media Analysis – Games Analysis Design – Desktop Publishing – Image Processing – Digital Photography – Advertising – Image Processing – Work Experience – Communications

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From PC Basics for those unfamiliar with computing, to typing skills and Microsoft training for those wishing to advance their IT skills, onto Web Design, Programming, e-commerce and more for those who wish to pursue or further a specialist career in Information technology. Why not check out our IT Training Course Listings for a full list of courses available in this field or see some Computer Training Articles in our articles section
Featured Article Postgraduate Study Options
Featured Article
A postgraduate course is a qualification after a degree, such as a higher diploma or a masters. The Postgraduate Applications Centre ( website allows students to make applications for postgraduate programmes at higher level education institutions across Ireland. The website links to many third level institutions, including UCC, NUI Galway and DCU, and offers applications to courses such as Higher Diploma in Midwifery and Public Health Nursing.

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College Open Days
Open days can be a great way of evaluating a college and getting a flavour of what you can expect in term of facilities, location and class tutors. See a selection of upcoming open days and open evenings on

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