Chevron CollegeQQI Care of the Older Person Module 5N2706

QQI Care of the Older Person Module 5N2706

Chevron College
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2 months
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Course description

Course Objectives

Understand and demonstrate good work practices in the provision of care for older people

Understand the concept of the ageing process

Satisfy the needs of older people in a variety of care settings

Enhance the quality of life for the older person


Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed on both the theoretical and practical elements of the course through:

Project Work

Skills Demonstration


Course Syllabus

The physiological and psychological process of ageing

Social attitudes to ageing people

Impact of the ageing process on the older person

Promotion of positive attitudes to the ageing process

Identify care settings and services available for older people

Current provision of care settings and support services for older people

The role of the health care assistant when working with an older person

Identify physical, emotional and social needs of the older person

Caring for older people with specific needs

Effective communication with the older person

Promotion of advocacy, empowerment, independence, dignity and respect of the older person.

The role of the family/carer

Personal effectiveness in the workplace

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