MSc Civil Engineering

MSc Civil Engineering

1 Year full-time
Masters, Postgraduate

Course description

The M.Sc. in Civil Engineering provides training in advanced topics in civil engineering. The course has been tailored to meet the needs of the civil engineering sector, which requires graduates with high-level skills in design, analysis and communication. In addition, the course is designed to fulfil the requirements of Engineers Ireland for a Master’s degree in an engineering discipline as the minimum educational standard for Chartered Engineer status.

Graduates of the course are highly employable, both nationally and internationally, across numerous civil engineering sub discipline areas including environmental and energy engineering; geotechnical engineering; structural engineering; water resources engineering; engineering for sustainability, and construction management.

Course Aims

  • Identify ethical, social and professional responsibilities and dilemmas faced by contemporary civil engineers with specific emphasis on sustainability and climate change.
  • Develop project planning and management strategies to provide solutions within a fixed time-frame.
  • Undertake a research project on a specific problem at the forefront of civil engineering; formulate feasible solutions, and present results as a technical paper and as an audio visual presentation.
  • Identify limitations of existing knowledge and capabilities and the avenue available for professional development
  • Demonstrate familiarity with research methods, key academic, technical and professional sources of information, and approaches to validating research data and outcomes for topics of emerging concern for civil engineers.