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Course description

About The Course.

The Oxford TEFL Academy’s 120-Hour  TEFL course offers a quick qualification to teach English in classrooms globally or through online platforms. This TEFL course aligns with the well-accepted curriculum of top language schools worldwide and meets the international standard demanded by many employers across the globe.

Once fully trained and certified as a TEFL teacher, you can start instructing English to non-native speakers within a matter of weeks.

For those who are new to the exciting field of English Language Teaching (ELT), this course provides a practical and comprehensive overview of fundamental skills and concepts that will elevate your teaching capabilities.

Regardless of whether you’re addressing a large audience in a lecture hall, or a classroom of excited kids, or helping a friend learn over a coffee, teaching English has a profound impact on lives. Drawing from our personal experiences, we’ll guide you to become the best teacher you can be.

We’re here to introduce you to an effective framework that enables your unique creativity to shine, making your lessons memorable. Our guidance includes classroom management strategies that set your students up for success. We’ll share techniques for delivering feedback, incorporating technology, and utilising games in ways that facilitate your students’ learning, retention, and practical application of the language you’re teaching.

Through this course, you’re not solely teaching English; you’re demonstrating to your students how they can utilise the English language to pursue their aspirations.

What Will You Learn?

Lessons planning
Teaching Receptive skill: Listening and Reading
Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
Teaching English Grammar
Classroom Survival Tips
Teaching Children
And more
Course Content


The course covers 24 modules and a Conclusions section.

Example – Module 1: Introduction to TEFL

·       Introduction to the Course

·       The Role of the TEFL Teacher

·       Characteristics of the English language

·       Teaching English to Learners Whose Native Language is Spanish

·       What To Consider When Teaching Chinese Native Speakers

·       L1 and L2 Learners

·       Test your knowledge

This is not a tutor-delivered course online.

Instead, we give you online access to the course materials to go through in your own time.


Once you have completed all the modules and their self-tests you can download your 120-Hour TEFL Certificate.


This course is run by Oxford TEFL Academy which is part of Barony Group – an 30-years old education provider regulated by Ofqual in the UK – UKPRN: 10020401


Full details are available through the following link:

Online TEFL Course

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