Marketing Management – Professional Diploma

Marketing Management – Professional Diploma


Course description

The Professional Diploma in Marketing Management is a skills-based course designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding of fundamental marketing competencies and learn advanced techniques, while building upon skills and knowledge in the area of management.

The primary differential of this Professional Diploma in comparison to other Marketing Management offerings is the flexible and blended learning delivery methods. These methods facilitate a greater level of access to the course for potential participants who have strong work or life commitments. This blended learning format consists of interactive workshops and self-directed study to empower learners by developing their individual strengths, expanding their practical skills and offering the latest best-practice techniques.

In addition, modular assignments will ask students to partake in experiential learning by conducting market research and creating strategic marketing and sales management plans. Provision of such experiential learning to students can greatly enhance their chances of success in securing employment.

This course facilitates exploration into approaches to relationship management, including CRM. Students will develop strong marketing skills through an approach to marketing viewed as interaction, relationships and networks.

In addition to this and in line with the other offerings of the course parent the Management Development Unit (MDU), students will be guided through the fundamentals of managerial practice with specific relation to marketing practice.

Entry requirements:

Specifically targeted at participants with an honours level degree at a 2.2 standard and normally 3 to 5 years of experience in business management and related industries.


Funding available through Next level Skillnet for candidates who satisfy eligibility criteria.

Award: NFQ Level 9 Minor Award.