University of LimerickMSc International  Management & Global Business

MSc International Management & Global Business

1 Year full-time
Masters, Postgraduate
Start Date: 09/2022

Course description

Designed for graduates who want to pursue international business careers, this Master’s Degree explores the landscape of international management and global business. It provides an in-depth understanding of the successful management of the global enterprise and seeks to develop an international, cross-cultural and global mindset among international managers of the future. Delivered by an internationally experienced teaching team in state-of-the-art teaching facilities at the Kemmy Business School, this programme offers an excellent blend of the academic and the practical in order to enhance your international career potential.


-To develop an in-depth understanding of the global business arena and provide analytical frameworks for understanding the context for international business venturing
-To develop core personal and professional competences necessary for establishing a successful international business career and managing in a global business context
-To establish cultural, institutional, economic and socio-political determinants of legitimate practice in international business
-To explore international management practice from an international, comparative and cross cultural perspective
-To introduce fundamental concepts and practices in international corporate finance
-To establish core dimensions of the legal framework governing international business transactions
-To provide an understanding of the complexities of managing a culturally diverse and globally distributed workforce
-To provide an appreciation of marketing as a core global business ‘technology’
-To explore issues impacting the development, implementation and evaluation of global business strategy; and
-To develop research, analytical and argumentation skills necessary to formulate, conduct and report an independent piece of research in a domain area of international management.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this programme of study, you will be able to:

-Analyse the main international management issues facing modern organisations, and in doing so, identify appropriate international business entry strategies
-Decipher the institutional and cross-cultural issues that arise when operating in different territories
-Evaluate the financial decision making practices of multinational organisations
-Identify the core contextual tenets of international trade and the legal regulatory frameworks within which international trade operates
-Evaluate the international human resource strategies and practices employed by multinational corporations
-Develop models to evaluate the effects of policies on inflation, employment, real interest rates, and production
-Identify the core requirements for successfully conducting international marketing activities
-Evaluate alternatives available in global business strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation
-Formulate research questions and hypotheses appropriate for masters level research projects; and
-Conceptualise, research and write a state of the art review of a chosen area of investigation and generate empirical data on the phenomenon under investigation.

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