Implementing Green Procurement

Implementing Green Procurement

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1 day
Job Skills and CPD
9am - 5pm
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

Due to growing awareness customers and governments are increasingly demanding that organisations take more responsibility for their supply chain by moving towards green or sustainable procurement. In a world of shrinking resources, green procurement can be key to developing and maintaining a secure supply chain. Furthermore, it can achieve significant cost savings by reducing carbon footprints, energy and raw material consumption and minimising waste while supporting sustainable businesses and communities and reducing other environmental impacts. Legal requirements means that central and local governments are focusing on reducing their environmental and social impacts so public procurements will sooner or later be seeking assurances about the sustainability of their contractors and suppliers. Progressive businesses large and small are also leading by example and reporting effectively on the benefits to improve public image.This training day is for professionals who want to understand the new principles of sustainable procurement.

Course objectives

The training is designed to meet IEMA criteria for this course. On completing this course the participant will be able to:
– Understand sustainability, sustainable development and key concepts of sustainable production and procurement,
– Identify key drivers, barriers to and benefits of sustainable procurement,
– Develop a procurement strategy and organise for green procurement,
– Embed sustainability into procurement policies and procedures,
– Promote organisational awareness and partner with buyers and suppliers,
– Reduce procurement risk and costs,
– Understand, monitor and publicise the sustainability of their products and services,
– Manage limited resources to deliver maximum benefit. 


Course programme

The programme consists of the following elements:
– What is ‘sustainability’, sustainable production and consumption and the role of green procurement,
– Risks, barriers, business case and drivers for strategy change,
– Government strategy and policies and impacts on buyers and suppliers,
– Key sustainable production concepts – cradle-to- cradle, eco-efficiency, energy efficiency, LCA etc.
– Product and service approaches for implementation (EMS, partnerships, eco-labels, whole life costing, product specs, spending prioritisation etc.),
– Embedding sustainability into the procurement process and organisations,
– Green procurement tools,
– Additional useful guidance on green procurement.

The course’s case studies and practical examples and hands-on exercises will help you to begin to:
– Assess your current supply chain and identify products /services of major reputational risk,
– Define your green procurement policy and develop an effective strategy for implementation,
– Develop training and awareness programs for in- house staff and suppliers,
– Employ procurement tools to evaluate products and services,
– Integrate appropriate environmental criteria for products and services in calls for tender and supplier terms and conditions.
Who should attend

This course will be of benefit to:
– Directors, Managers, Procurement personnel, Facilities and Estate Managers, HSEQ professionals, Finance professionals, Budget holders,
– Representatives of companies wanting to understand sustainable procurement. 

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