Srum Master

Srum Master

South Dublin City
€ 999
2 Days
Job Skills and CPD

Course description

Scrum basics
What's Scrum, and how it's evolved

Scrum theory
Why Scrum works, and its core principles. How Scrum is different to traditional project management approaches

Scrum framework
How Scrum theory is implemented using Roles, Rules, Events and Artefacts. How these are used most effectively – and what you should avoid

Scrum events and artefacts
Scrum events like sprint and daily scrum. Artefacts in scrum from the product backlog to potentially releasable increment

Implementing Scrum and change
What Scrum means to your project and organisation? How to adopt Scrum effectively

Scrum teams
Scrum teams are cross-functional and self-organising. How to start a Scrum team, and ensure its success

Agile Requirements
How to work with requirements in an agile context

Agile planning
How to plan a project from release planning, over sprint planning to daily planning. How to use planning poker and Magic Estimation as part of the agile planning

Monitoring Progress
Learn how to use monitoring tools like Release Burn Down, Sprint Burn Down, Task Boards

Scrum and Practical experience
Learn how to deal with challenges of Scrum in "real world projects"