Fitness Instructor (NCEF)

Fitness Instructor (NCEF)

€ 2565
Over 3 weekends per month for 7 months
Part Time and Evening
Fridays 19.00-22.00, Saturdays 10.00-18.00

Course description

Are you?

Interested in learning more about the human body, and how to train it in an effective and safe manner?

Constantly striving to improve your own personal development?

Willing to challenge yourself and improve your own wellbeing?

Ever wondering why you didn’t do this years ago?

Gym Instructor/Group Fitness Professional

The CEHF qualification provides you with the skills and competencies to provide motivating, safe and effective group fitness teaching across many class types including:
*                     Circuit training and HITT type training
*                     Body Conditioning
*                     Step Training
*                     Strength Training
*                     Exercise to Music
*                     Group Fitness Assessment
*                     Supervise and instruct on the gym floor and exercise studio
Graduates will also have the skills and knowledge to deliver one to one training by conducting appropriate fitness assessments and designing safe and effective exercise programmes  to the general public (adults 18yrs+) based on their individual needs, whether it be strength training, weight loss, training for an endurance event or general fitness.  You can also work as a physical trainer with local groups, club sports teams and corporate fitness and wellness programmes. All graduates are awarded  with the QQI Level 5 award in Occupational First Aid (OFA).

Course Tutors

All Tutors hold qualifications in the area of Exercise and Health Fitness or related area. Many of these tutors are teaching and/or conducting research in the areas of Education, Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science and Recreation Management.

CEHF Learning Support Website

As part of the course students receive access to the CEHF Learning Support Website.  The aim of this interactive website is to support and enhance your learning experience by providing extra tutorials, videos, animations and electronic and printable crosswords and quizzes on all aspects on the CEHF syllabi.

Course Details

*                     Human Movement Studies
*                     Lifestyle, Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition
*                     Fitness Assessment and Programme Design
*                     Management and Work Placement
*                     Occupational First Aid (OFA) – QQI Level 5 Certificate
*                     Studio Classes in Exercise to Music and Free Movement(Practical)
*                     Resistance Training with weights, machines, kettlebells (Practical)
*                     Circuit Training, Body Conditioning, HITT and Bootcamp (Practical)
*                     Step Training and Flexibility (Practical)
*                     Final Examinations (Theory and Practical)