Diploma in Personal Training

Diploma in Personal Training

€ 1250
9 weeks
Part Time and Evening
Saturdays 09.30-16.30

Course description

Target Learner

Learners must be 16+ years old and hold a  suitable Fitness Instructing qualification.

Whilst there are no other specific entry requirements, an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) is involved, and learners entering the programme should have basic skills in communication. The course requires physical exertion, and individual participation is essential; therefore, a degree of physical fitness is necessary.

The qualification has been designed for: Individuals who wish to work and/or seek employment as a personal trainer.


Course Aim

The Diploma in Personal Training will further develop learners who have existing knowledge and skills in gym instruction to enable them to pursue a career in personal training. This qualification will provide a combination of knowledge and skills to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes and personal training sessions to a range of clients


Course Tutor

All our Tutors are highly qualified in the area of health and fitness. Many are successful business owners in the industry and have worked with clients ranging from health related to elite athletes.


Course Objectives

*During the qualification learners will cover the following:

*During the qualification learners will cover the following:

*Further knowledge of anatomy and physiology that is applicable to personal training.

*Nutrition for exercise, health and fitness.

*Lifestyle and medical factors that affect wellbeing.

*Effective communication skills for client consultations to encourage healthy lifestyle  behaviours and strategies for change.

*The skills needed to plan and conduct physical activity sessions with different types of client in a variety of environments and with a range of resources.

*Legal and professional requirements for personal training.

*How to set up and manage a personal training business on a self-employed basis if desired.

*How to manage, evaluate and improve their own performance.


Certification Awarded:

Diploma in Personal Training, Level 4 (EQF), REPS Level 4.