Fitcert Personal Trainer

Fitcert Personal Trainer

North Dublin City, Louth, Offaly
9 weeks
Part Time and Evening

Course description

FitCert’s Personal Trainer Course builds on their Fitness Instructor Course by taking a more in-depth look at functional anatomy, physiology, exercise physiology and nutrition.

This course enables candidates to provide clients with personalised training programmes and one to one sessions to improve their overall fitness including strength, flexibility and cardio-respiratory function. In addition each candidate will be able to provide their client with detailed lifestyle advice to maintain all aspects of their health, fitness and well being.

Qualifications Gained:
EQF Level 4 in Personal Training and Spin Cycle

Entry Requirements:
Students must have perviously earned their ITEC EQF Level 4 Certificate in Fitness Instruction, prefarebly from FitCert. Students who have received this qualification from a different course provider may need to up skill for FitCert.

Course Content:
Functional movement screening Advanced lifts and functional training techniques How to harness metabolism to fight fat Nutritional factors in health and performance Biomechanics of resistance training, Adaptations to anaerobic andaerobic training Fitness testing and administration, scoring and interpretation of selected results Athletic development Warms ups relative to the training Spotting and coaching plyometrics speed, agility and quickness Course Structure:

Part Time Course duration : 9 Weeks