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Certificate in Life Coaching

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Lifecoaching is a new and rapidly growing profession. The aim of Life Coaching is to create a partnership in which the coach helps guide the client to realise their full potential, and achieve success in both their personal and business life. This is accomplished by creating a balance between all the different aspects of an individual’s life, together with developing clear directions to take that person to a happier new future. The aim of this programme is to develop Life Coaching skills and to provide advanced understanding of the principles and practice of Life Coaching for those who wish to commence work in this area.

Your Tutor will support you throughout the duration of the course. You complete the course by undertaking activities and assignments. Our student support team are also available for any other queries that you may have whilst completing your course. You can be assured that unlimited support is available for your course, so there is no need to struggle or feel isolated during your studies.

By choosing to study this course with CMIT, Students have 24×7 access to CMIT eLearning for the duration of the course. This includes a comprehensive Course Manual, Video, Quizzes and personalised Tutor Support. The course documentation for this course is detailed and easy to read. You will also be able to upload assessments online and receive online feedback. You can use the eLearning system from any computer that has internet access.


Topics covered in this Course

Unit 1: Introduction to Coaching

What is coaching?

Types of Coaching

What is mentoring?

The role of coaching/mentoring

Applications of coaching/mentoring

The benefits of coaching/mentoring

Barriers to coaching


Unit 2: Coaching Skills




Values and beliefs

Building relationships

Building self-esteem

Giving non-judgemental feedback


Ethics and standards


Unit 3: The Coaching Process (TGROW)

The coaching process

Deciding a theme (T)

Setting goals (g)

Checking reality (R)

Devising options (O)

Will (W)

Individual coaching plans

Preparing for coaching


Unit 4: Evaluating Coaching

Evaluating coaching

Self-reflection and supervision


Unit 5: Making a living as a coach

Setting up your own business
Business Plan
Other considerations

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