Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace – ILM Unit Certificate – communications

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Job Skills and CPD

Course description

Is your communication like your driving? There are very few who will admit to being poor drivers. Most believe, contrary to the available evidence, that they are good drivers. In the same way many believe that they are good communicators simply because they speak English fluently. Communication, however, is not only about being able to speak a language. It is about bridging the gap between two psychologies (persons).

To effectively communicate one needs to understand the basics of communications and to gain the skills necessary to utilize many forms of communication. This course is ideal for someone who has never attended a communication course. The basic theory and practice behind communication will be discuss and participants will gain the skills necessary to communicate effectively.

Objectives of the ILM Unit Certificate – Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace – include:
– To Gain a Basic Understanding of the Complexities of Communication
– To Gain an In-Depth Understanding of the Way One Communicates
– To Gain the Skills Necessary to Interpret Communication
– To Gain the Skills Necessary to Communicate Effectively

– Introduction to communication
– The basics of communication
– The code, sending and receive effectively
– Active listening skills
– Verbal communication
– What your words are saying
– Non-verbal communication
– What are you really saying
– Introspective analysis of your communicative style
– Techniques necessary for effective communication
– Bring it all together


Participants receive the Griffin College Certificate in Communication Skills.

Participants have the option to receive the ILM Unit Certificate in ' Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace ' on completion of a written assignment and payment of the ILM student registration and certification fee.

ILM is part of City and Guilds.




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