CAO Courses ATU

CAO Courses ATU

Donegal, Galway, Mayo, Sligo
Third Level and CAO

Course description

CAO Courses with Atlantic Technological University (ATU) are offered at QQI levels 6, 7 & 8. These are listed below.

Ordinary Bachelor’s Degrees / Higher Certificates – Level 6/Level 7

AU170 Health Science with Physiotherapy Studies [Letterkenny]
AU171 Health Science with Occupational Therapy Studies [Letterkenny]
AU172 Health Science with Dietetics Studies [Letterkenny]
AU173 Dental Nursing [Letterkenny]
AU174 Pharmacy Technician [Letterkenny]
AU190 Early Childhood Care, Health and Education [Letterkenny]
AU191 Health and Social Care [Letterkenny]
AU200 Business – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU210 Law with Criminal Justice [Letterkenny]
AU220 Culinary Arts [Killybegs]
AU221 Tourism and Hospitality Operations [Letterkenny]
AU222 Sport and Exercise [Letterkenny]
AU230 Digital Film and Video [Letterkenny]
AU231 Animation [Letterkenny]
AU232 Fashion with Promotion [Letterkenny]
AU233 Graphic and Digital Design [Letterkenny]
AU240 Quantity Surveying [Letterkenny]
AU241 Civil Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU242 Construction – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU243 Building Engineering – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU250 Electronic Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU251 Mechanical Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU252 Electric Vehicle Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU253 Engineering – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU260 Computer Games Development [Letterkenny]
AU261 Computing [Letterkenny]
AU262 Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics [Letterkenny]
AU270 Science – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU271 Veterinary Nursing [Letterkenny]
AU272 Agriculture [Letterkenny]
AU290 Inclusive Practice for Special Needs Assistance [Letterkenny]
AU401 Business [Galway]
AU425 Heritage [Galway]
AU426 Business in Tourism [Galway]
AU427 Business in Event Operations with Public Relations [Galway]
AU428 Hotel and Hospitality Operations [Galway]
AU429 Culinary Arts Professional Chef Programme [Galway]
AU490 History and Geography [Castlebar]
AU491 Early Childhood Education and Care [Castlebar]
AU501 Business [Galway]
AU502 Business Information Systems [Galway]
AU503 Marketing and Sales [Galway]
AU504 Finance [Galway]
AU505 Business with Entrepreneurship [Galway]
AU506 Rural Enterprise and Agri-Business [Mountbellew]
AU518 Art (portfolio) [Galway]
AU519 Design – Common Entry [Galway]
AU525 Heritage [Galway]
AU528 International Tourism Management [Galway]
AU529 Event Management with Public Relations [Galway]
AU530 International Hotel and Hospitality Management [Galway]
AU531 Gastronomy Science and Food Innovation [Galway]
AU535 Construction Management [Galway]
AU536 Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics [Galway]
AU537 Architectural Technology [Galway]
AU538 Civil Engineering [Galway]
AU542 Software and Electronic Engineering [Galway]
AU545 Mechanical Engineering [Galway]
AU546 Energy Engineering [Galway]
AU547 Biomedical Engineering [Galway]
AU548 Agricultural Engineering [Galway]
AU549 Engineering – Common Entry [Galway]
AU550 Manufacturing Engineering Design [Galway]
AU555 Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology [Galway]
AU556 Science – un-denominated [Galway]
AU557 Agriculture and Environmental Management [Mountbellew]
AU568 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science [Galway]
AU569 Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science [Galway]
AU575 Physics and Instrumentation [Galway]
AU576 Computing in Software Development [Galway]
AU577 Computing and Digital Media [Galway]
AU581 Furniture Design and Manufacture [Letterfrack]
AU582 Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking [Letterfrack]
AU583 Furniture Design, Making and Technology – Common Entry [Letterfrack]
AU590 Outdoor Education and Leisure [Castlebar]
AU591 Culture and Environment [Castlebar]
AU592 Early Childhood Education and Care [Castlebar]
AU593 Applied Social Care [Castlebar]
AU700 Business [Sligo]
AU715 Engineering [Sligo]
AU716 Construction Economics [Sligo]
AU717 Applied Construction Technology [Sligo]
AU725 Computing [Sligo]
AU730 Science [Sligo]
AU731 Environmental Science with Ecology [Sligo]
AU732 Health and Exercise Science [Sligo]
AU800 Business [Sligo]
AU801 Business Administration [Sligo]
AU802 Marketing [Sligo]
AU803 International Tourism and Event Management [Sligo]
AU804 Applied Sport with Business [Sligo]
AU820 Interior Architecture and Design [Sligo]
AU821 Creative Design [Sligo]
AU822 Fine Art [Sligo]  (Restricted)
AU823 Performing Arts (Acting) [Sligo]
AU824 Performing Arts (Theatre Design) [Sligo]
AU830 Engineering [Sligo]
AU831 Mechatronic Engineering [Sligo]
AU833 Mechanical Engineering [Sligo]
AU834 Precision Engineering and Design [Sligo]
AU835 Civil Engineering [Sligo]
AU836 Quantity Surveying [Sligo]
AU837 Advanced Wood and Sustainable Building Technology [Sligo]
AU845 Computing [Sligo]
AU846 Computer Networks and Cyber Security [Sligo]
AU847 Software Development [Sligo]
AU848 Games Development [Sligo]
AU855 Environmental Science with Ecology [Sligo]
AU856 Occupational Safety and Health [Sligo]
AU857 Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development [Sligo]
AU858 Biomedical Science [Sligo]
AU859 Forensic Investigation and Analysis [Sligo]
AU861 Health Science and Physiology [Sligo]
AU862 Human Nutrition [Sligo]

Honours Bachelor’s Degrees – Level 8

AU300 Business – Accounting [Letterkenny]
AU301 Business [Letterkenny]
AU302 Marketing with Online Technologies [Letterkenny]
AU310 Law [Letterkenny]
AU311 Corporate Law [Letterkenny]
AU312 Communications with English [Letterkenny]
AU320 Sports and Exercise – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU321 Athletic Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation [Letterkenny]
AU322 Hospitality Management [Letterkenny]
AU330 Design – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU340 Fire Safety Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU341 Quantity Surveying [Letterkenny]
AU342 Construction Management [Letterkenny]
AU343 Architectural Technology [Letterkenny]
AU350 Mechanical Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU351 Electronic Engineering [Letterkenny]
AU352 Biomedical Design [Letterkenny]
AU353 Engineering – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU360 Applied Computing [Letterkenny]
AU361 Computer Science [Letterkenny]
AU362 Cyberpsychology [Letterkenny]
AU363 Computing in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence [Letterkenny]
AU370 Food Science and Nutrition [Letterkenny]
AU371 Agriculture – Common Entry [Letterkenny]
AU372 Bioanalytical Science [Letterkenny]
AU373 Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Science [Letterkenny]
AU380 General Nursing [Letterkenny]
AU381 Mental Health Nursing [Letterkenny]
AU382 Intellectual Disability Nursing [Letterkenny]
AU390 Early Childhood Care, Health and Education [Letterkenny]
AU391 Health and Social Care [Letterkenny]
AU600 Accounting [Galway]
AU601 Business [Galway]
AU602 Business Information Systems [Galway]
AU603 Marketing and Sales [Galway]
AU604 Finance and Economics [Galway]
AU605 Business with Entrepreneurship [Galway]
AU606 Rural Enterprise and Agri Business [Mountbellew]
AU607 Digital Accounting [Galway]
AU615 Film and Documentary [Galway]
AU616 Creative Media and Storytelling [Galway]
AU617 Animation and Game Design [Galway]
AU618 Art (portfolio) [Galway]
AU619 Design – Common Entry [Galway]
AU620 Education (Art and Design and Communication Graphics) [Galway]
AU625 Heritage [Galway]
AU628 International Tourism Management [Galway]
AU629 Event Management with Public Relations [Galway]
AU630 International Hotel and Hospitality Management [Galway]
AU631 Gastronomy Science and Food Innovation [Galway]
AU635 Construction Management [Galway]
AU636 Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics [Galway]
AU637 Architectural Technology [Galway]
AU638 Civil Engineering [Galway]
AU642 Software and Electronic Engineering [Galway]
AU645 Mechanical Engineering [Galway]
AU646 Energy Engineering [Galway]
AU647 Biomedical Engineering [Galway]
AU648 Agricultural Engineering [Galway]
AU649 Engineering – Common Entry [Galway]
AU650 Manufacturing Engineering Design [Galway]
AU655 Applied Freshwater and Marine Biology [Galway]
AU656 Science – undenominated [Galway]
AU657 Agriculture and Environmental Management [Mountbellew]
AU662 Sport and Exercise Science [Galway]
AU663 Public Health Nutrition [Galway]
AU664 Sports Coaching [Galway]
AU668 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Science [Galway]
AU669 Forensic Science and Analysis [Galway]
AU670 Applied Biology and Biopharmaceutical Science [Galway]
AU671 Medical Science [Galway]
AU675 Physics and Instrumentation [Galway]
AU676 Computing in Software Development [Galway]
AU677 Computing and Digital Media [Galway]
AU680 Education (Design, Graphics and Construction) [Letterfrack]
AU681 Furniture Design and Manufacture [Letterfrack]
AU682 Furniture Making and Architectural Woodworking [Letterfrack]
AU683 Furniture Design Making and Technology – Common Entry [Letterfrack]
AU690 General Nursing [Castlebar]
AU691 Psychiatric Nursing [Castlebar]
AU692 Outdoor Education [Castlebar]
AU693 Geography and Outdoor Education [Castlebar]
AU694 History and Geography [Castlebar]
AU695 Early Childhood Education and Care [Castlebar]
AU696 Applied Social Care [Castlebar]
AU900 Business [Sligo]
AU901 Business and ICT [Sligo]
AU902 Accounting [Sligo]
AU903 Sport with Business [Sligo]
AU904 Marketing [Sligo]
AU905 Tourism and Event Management [Sligo]
AU915 Law and Business [Sligo]
AU916 Sociology and Politics [Sligo]
AU917 English and Psychology [Sligo]
AU918 Social Care Practice [Sligo]
AU919 Early Education and Care [Sligo]
AU925 Architecture [Sligo]
AU926 Interior Architecture and Design [Sligo]
AU927 Creative Design [Sligo]
AU928 Fine Art (Portfolio) [Sligo]  (Restricted)
AU929 Writing and Literature (Portfolio) [Sligo]  (Restricted)
AU930 Writing and Literature (Online – Portfolio) [Sligo]  (Restricted)
AU931 Performing Arts [Sligo]
AU940 Engineering [Sligo]
AU941 Robotics and Automation [Sligo]
AU942 Electronics and Self-Driving Technologies [Sligo]
AU943 Mechanical Engineering [Sligo]
AU944 Civil Engineering [Sligo]
AU945 Quantity Surveying [Sligo]
AU946 Construction Project Management and Applied Technology [Sligo]
AU955 Computing [Sligo]
AU956 Computer Networks and Cyber Security [Sligo]
AU957 Software Development [Sligo]
AU965 Science [Sligo]
AU966 Environmental Science with Ecology [Sligo]
AU967 Occupational Safety and Health [Sligo]
AU968 Pharmaceutical Science with Drug Development [Sligo]
AU969 Biomedical Science [Sligo]
AU970 Forensic Investigation and Analysis [Sligo]
AU971 Health Science and Physical Activity [Sligo]
AU972 Human Nutrition [Sligo]
AU973 Clinical Measurement Physiology [Sligo]
AU985 Education, Home Economics and Biology – with concurrent Teacher Education [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU986 Education, Home Economics and Religious Ed – with concurrent Teacher Education [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU987 Education, Home Economics and Irish – with concurrent Teacher Education [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU988 Education, Home Economics – with concurrent Teacher Education [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU989 Nutrition, Food and Business Management [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU990 Home Economics [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU991 General Nursing [Sligo, St Angela`s]
AU992 Intellectual Disability Nursing [Sligo, St Angela`s]