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Business Management

3 months Starts 10th February
Part Time and Evening
18.30 -21.30

Course description

Business Management Level 6 Minor Award QQI

This Business Management Certificate course is designed for persons soon to assume a management role or for individuals with no prior experience, who seek to acquire management skills.

Held one night per week, over 3 months, from CMI School in Dublin 2 or also offered by distance learning.

This is Ireland’s most concise and condensed Management programme for aspiring junior or middle managers. Discussion sessions, case studies on management and class exercises makes this highly rewarding and practical.

Topics included on the course are:

  1. Organisation types, purpose, mission, vision and objectives and structures
  2. Internal environments of organisations
  3. Impacts of a range of external factors
  4. Managing change
  5. Management skills including planning, organising, motivating, monitoring, review and control
  6. Business management techniques and tools
  7. Management and leadership and different styles on group and individual performance
  8. Human resource tools and techniques
  9. Procedure for a management process within an organisation
  10. Workflow systems for a business related task to include documentation of the process, identification of responsibilities and expected outputs
  11. Management processes to include a review and evaluation of the process

This action packed 10 week part time Business Management course deals with effective ways to manage people and provides solutions to people management issues.

Enjoy through online learning or attending classes in our Dublin 2 school.

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