CMI, Communications and Management InstituteLevel 7 Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Level 7 Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

€ 4750
11 Months
Evening, Part Time and Evening
18.30-21.30 ( Thursdays )
Start Date: 03/10/2024

Course description

This OTHM Level 5 Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management online course is awarded by OTHM qualifications which is recognised on the RQF Regulated qualifications framework to Level 5 (England) which is comparable to Level 7 (Ireland). OTHM qualifications (England) is approved and regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation).

The course offers 120 credits, similar to completing the first year of an Ordinary Bachelor Degree.  Students can progress to a Graduate Diploma at level 8.

Opportunities: Professionals with a level 7 qualification in logistics and supply chain management command higher salaries due to the specialized nature of their skills. By completing a diploma course in this field, you enhance your earning potential and qualify for higher-paying roles.

Key units include:

Principles and Concepts of Strategy (20 credits)

Achieving competitive advantage in Supply Chain involves keeping costs low and that requires research and analysis and strategy.


Procurement and Inventory Management (20 credits)

On this logistics course online, learn the importance of procurement and inventory management. Stock needs to be acquired then effectively and efficiently managed so that the needs of internal or external customers are satisfied.


Contract and Financial Management (20 credits)

Due to the complexity of supply chains it is necessary to have in place effective contract and financial management arrangement. A significant part of the procurement and
supply function is based around the contracting process  which must be aligned with legal
requirements and contain key clauses and terms.

Global Context of Supply Chains (20 credits)

Learn the key globalisation factors which impact supply chains and how global supply chains can be established and managed


Principles and Concepts of Supply Chain Management (20 credits)

To overcome supply chain barriers, you will learn the key concepts and principles of supply chain management (SCM)

Contemporary Issues in Supply Chain Management (20 credits)

Learn about the current issues and the relationship between supply chains and technology, artificial intelligence, the natural environment, global economies and risk management.

Academic Progression: This Logistics and Supply Chain Management online course is designed to allow you direct entry to a Level 8 Higher Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management .

Graduate in-demand:  Our graduates are in high demand across several industries and sectors, but particularly, Warehousing and transport, Logistics operations, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, food outlets, large and small retailers.

Roles:  Completing a course in logistics and supply chain management equips you with valuable skills and knowledge that are in demand by employers. Over 98% of successful graduates acquire new opportunities as, Logistics Managers, Warehouse and Distribution Manager, Operations Manager, Supply chain executives, Supply Chain Analysts, Supply chain managers,  Logistics Service operators, and Logistics consultants.

Entry criteria: Students who have completed our Foundation Diploma in Logistics and Supply  are eligible to apply or students who have completed a relevant level 5 or 6 course.

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