Arts Degree at Maynooth University

Third Level and CAO

Course description

Arts – MH101
1st year: 60 credits – choose your subjects when you arrive in Maynooth in September, with up to 4 weeks to decide.

  • Choose 2, 3 or 4 subjects – maximum of one per group (each subject is 15 credits).
  • Double subjects (marked with *) have a 30 credit option in 1st year. You can take 2 double subjects in 1st year unless they are
    scheduled at the same time.
  • Optional 1st year only Critical Skills (15 credits) available to take with all subject combinations.

Arts Courses Maynooth

2nd & final year: 60 credits per year

  • In most cases, students progress with two subjects, choosing:
    Double Major (30:30 credits) or Major with Minor (40:20 credits). In some subjects a Single Major (normally 60 credits) is possible.
    See MH101 subject pages in the Maynooth University Prospectus for details of available options in the different subjects.
  • Elective Stream: In 2nd year you’ll have the opportunity to take an Elective Stream – optional 10 credit short course which givesstudents the opportunity to expand their education, across the University.
  • You also have the option of taking a study abroad year in third year and graduating with a BA International after 4 years.
    Some of the BA specialisations available to take from second year include:
  • Anthropology: specialise in Anthropology from second year.
  • Classics: you take at least two subjects from Greek & Roman Civilization, Greek or Latin.
  • Economics: specialise in Economics from second year.
  • English: specialise in English from second year.
  • Geography: specialise in Geography from second year.
  • Finance: specialise in Finance from second year.
  • History: specialise in History from second year.
  • International Development: International Development plus one other subject in your degree.
  • Politics: students take Politics and another subject from second year.
  • PPE: Philosophy, Politics and Economics – all three subjects can be taken to degree level
  • Mathematics: Mathematics (Pure) – (timetable groups 1 and 3) and another subject, or on its own in third year.

You can decide which subjects to take following admission to the University