Apprenticeship – Principal Engineer

Apprenticeship – Principal Engineer

4 Years
Blended Learning, Online Courses - Distance Learning

Course description

Lero and CONFIRM  Smart Manufacturing have partnered with the University of Limerick (UL) to deliver Ireland’s first qualification at level 10 (DEng) funded through the national apprenticeships course: The Professional Doctorate in Engineering (DEng).

Award: NFQ Level 10 Major Award.

This qualification is aimed at those pursuing professional rather than academic careers. The DEng acknowledges that significant research takes place within the practitioner’s workplace, therefore, the context for this DEng course is the practitioner workplace and the focus is on solving real-world problems faced in the daily work-place.

The DEng Apprenticeship will equip apprentices with a diverse knowledge of technology principals, disruptive inventions and new designs, processes and techniques, as well as substantial knowledge at the cutting edge of industry and the forefront of academic research.  Through problem-solving, heuristics, theory of inventive problem solving, technical analysis and critical evaluation, apprentices will gain the ability to significantly contribute to the creative process.

This four year course is structured for blended delivery of online learning and face to face sessions which minimizes time ‘off the job’. You must successfully completed the qualifier module (PP8001) to be offered a place on the PDEng.

  • Suitable for professionals who wish to:
  • Evaluate the relevance of current and emerging theories and practices within your area.
  • Formulate effective solutions to complex, real-world problems common to your field.
  • Apply current research to practical problems in the workplace.
  • Design rigorous research that expands the professional body of knowledge in your field.

Entry Requirements:

  • Employers must be approved by SOLAS and commit to support the apprentice throughout the course.
  • Candidates would typically hold a 2.1 honours degree in a relevant area and five years’ experience.
  • The successful completion of the Qualifier module (Professional Portfolio PP8001) prior to being offered a place on the course.