PCI CollegeAn Introduction to GSRD

An Introduction to GSRD

PCI College
Dublin City
Online live interactive workshop
CPD, Job Skills and CPD
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

An Introduction to Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diverse Clients (GSRD)

Previously, courses exploring human sexuality often focussed on issues of difference (when compared to heterosexuality) rather than capture the broad diversity and complex interactions between gender, sexuality and relationship diverse clients. These were often called LGBT issues, which set those client populations into a broad category in which heterosexuality was not considered. Today, heterosexuality is best considered one colour on the broad human gender and sexuality spectrum. For contemporary therapists, client gender and sexuality presentations vary widely and challenge therapists to learn a whole new vocabulary e.g. pansexuality, cis-gender, polyamoury etc. and are further challenged to re-evaluate their own values and beliefs about gender, sexuality and various relationship styles.

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