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CPD Counselling and Psychology  Courses in Ireland
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Supervising the Trainee Therapist

PCI College
Course Info - Supervising Trainee Therapists is a challenging and rewarding endeavour. This short one-day course introduces supervisors […]
CPD, Job Skills and CPD

An Introduction to GSRD

PCI College
Course Info - An Introduction to Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diverse Clients (GSRD) Previously, courses exploring human sexuality […]
CPD, Job Skills and CPD

Professional Development Courses

PCI College
Course Info - Our CPD programmes are designed for maintaining, improving and broadening Professionals knowledge and skills whilst […]
CPD, Job Skills and CPD

An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

PCI College
Course Info - As a client-centred approach, Motivational Interviewing (MI) is chiefly concerned with promoting an individual’s own […]
CPD, Job Skills and CPD

Other Courses

Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy

PCI College provide a 75 hour part-time certificate course in counselling and psychotherapy with an emphasis on individuals that are interested in exploring their own personal development and growth. This course is designed to be the first step to a career in counselling and to provide useful skills that you[...]

Criminology and Psychology

This level 5 course provides a unique insight into the world of crime, deviance, morality, conflict and justice. The course places a specific focus on the psychological, cultural and addiction risk factors associated with crime. This specialist course will provide the learner with the relevant skills, knowledge and experience needed to[...]

Diploma of Counselling and Psychology (Online)

The ICI Counselling and Psychology program designed in conjunction with industry leaders helps you learn the skills you need to succeed in marketing quickly and conveniently. ICI’s counselling and psychology course allows you to achieve a very rewarding career in a rapidly growing profession. You can find many opportunities to[...]

Applied Psychology Level 5

This course is certified by QQI. Assessment is based on a combination of work submitted during the year and exams. Learners who successfully complete all 8 subjects will be awarded a QQI Level 5 Award in Community Health Services (5M4468). Course Subjects Human Growth and Development Child Development Psychology Behavioural Studies[...]