Ammonia Emergency Response

Ammonia Emergency Response

on request
1 day
Job Skills and CPD
9am - 6pm
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description


This course trains personnel to act as emergency responders for leaks or spills of chemicals and in particular ammonia. While it is specifically aimed at ammonia users the knowledge gained also relates to other chemicals. A full grounding in relevant chemical (ammonia) and spill response knowledge is provided followed by practical drills. Case studies are reviewed and scenarios are planned to simulate conditions indicating that a spill or leak has occurred. Delegates assess spill scenarios in teams, determine and prepare what emergency equipment they will need to control the leak before approaching the spill and simulating the repair in full PPE. Responses are then critically evaluated for weaknesses or improvements that should be made in the future scenarios.


Course Objectives

On completing this course the participant will be able to:

– Broadly understand legal requirements relating to chemicals and emergency preparedness and response,

– Have an understanding of hazardous properties and characteristics of ammonia (and chemicals in general),

– Interpret warning symbols and know how ammonia behaves once leaked,

– Interpret Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and use them to make emergency documents,

– Review the efficiency of the company’s ammonia response procedure,

– Assess spill situations and respond to ammonia spillages.


Course programme
– Chemical and emergency actions legislation,
– Ammonia (and chemical) characteristics and properties, health and environmental effects,
– Physical and health hazards that confront emergency responders
– Safe Working Levels (SWLs) and classification of hazardous chemicals
– Interpretation of safety labels and Safety data Sheets (SDS)
– Correct use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA),
– Risks of PPE use,

– Preparation and response to emergencies and post-emergency actions,
– Ammonia spill case studies,
– Correct approaches to ammonia spill preparedness and response,
– Practical use of emergency spillage equipment and spill response drill,
– Review of Emergency Action and Spill Response Plans
– Investigation/reporting of spills.

Case studies, discussions and interactive, problem-based individual and group training exercises are used to reinforce delegates’ learning.


Who should attend
This course is suitable for anyone involved with EHS, regulatory affairs and emergency response; chemical stores personnel, transporters, users and waste handlers; laboratory personnel; and members of spillage response teams. A good cross section can contribute greatly to the overall effectiveness of any emergency response team.