Barony TrainingEthical Supply Chain Management – Video-Based Course

Ethical Supply Chain Management – Video-Based Course

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Ethical Supply Chain
The impact of unethical supply chain
Benefits of ethical supply chain management
Ethical Issues in Supply
Environmental issues
Supply chain transparency
Conducting ethical audits and assessments
Developing ethical codes of conduct
Supplier selection and management
Monitoring and enforcement of ethical standards
Collaboration with stakeholders
Emerging ethical issues and challenges
The role of technology in promoting ethical supply chain management
Developing an action plan for ethical supply chain management
Resources and tools for implementing ethical supply chain management
Best Framework for Ethical Supply Chain
Circular Supply Chain
Business 4.0 Tools for Circular Supply Chain
SCOR Model Framework for Circular Supply Chain


Ethical supply chain management is an important consideration for businesses today. Companies that fail to address ethical issues in their supply chain risk reputational damage, legal penalties, and loss of consumer trust. This certification course provides a comprehensive introduction to ethical supply chain management, covering its definition, importance, and impact on businesses, consumers, and society.

The course also examines the major ethical issues facing supply chain management, including forced labor and slavery, child labor, environmental issues, corruption and bribery, fair labor practices, and supply chain transparency. Students will learn best practices for ethical supply chain management, including conducting ethical audits and assessments, developing ethical codes of conduct, supplier selection and management, monitoring and enforcing ethical standards, and collaborating with stakeholders.

Case studies of successful ethical supply chain management will be presented, as well as lessons learned from failures in the past. Future trends and challenges in ethical supply chain management will also be discussed, including emerging ethical issues, the role of technology in promoting ethical supply chain management, and the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of ethical supply chain management and will be able to develop an action plan for implementing it in their own organization. They will also have access to a range of resources and tools to help them implement ethical supply chain management practices. This certification course is ideal for supply chain professionals, business owners, and anyone interested in ensuring ethical practices in their supply chain.

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You do not need any prior qualification to take this course.

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Graduates, Postgraduates
Supply Chain Professionals. Working in Operations, Manufacturing, Retail or Service sectors, Production and Industry
Logistics, Purchasing, Customer Relationship Managers
Financial Controllers, Accountants, Business Analysts & Consultants
Small Business Owners & Operations Managers
Ambitious Self-Starters who want to have a Bigger Impact at work, Improve Things and Get Noticed
A desire to Become the Authority in your workplace on Supply Chain Management.


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