Barony TrainingGoing Green For Business – Online Course

Going Green For Business – Online Course

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Comprehensive 124-page report covering topics such as reasons to go green, the vast potential of eco-marketing, defining your mission, tasks for all employees to implement, tasks for business owners, identifying your audience, rebranding and education, amongst many other topics.

Reasons to Go Green
Covers reducing operational costs, competing in a global market, employee morale and doing the right thing.

Vast Potential of Eco Marketing
Covers marketing gains in recent years and future trends, determining the benefit for your business and how long it will take to establish your green reputation.

Defining Your Company Mission
Covers how to make a list of clear and attainable goals, creating a timetable and ensuring your employees are on board.

Tasks for Employees and Owners
Covers simple things the whole company can work on and tasks that the business owner should take responsibility for.

Identifying Your Customers
Covers how to find your target market for your rebranded green company.

Covers where to begin with your company rebrand.

This is not a tutor-delivered course online.

Instead, we give you online access to the course materials to go through in your own time.


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