Salsa Dancing

Lets Salsa! Learn to dance with this fun latin dance. No partner required.
Part Time and Evening


Reiki alleviates stress, promotes healing on a physical, mental and emotional level. In this course […]
Part Time and Evening

Belly Dancing (for Ladies)

How to move in mysterious ways. The Art of authentic Eastern Dance. A fun way […]
Part Time and Evening

Adult Hip Hop

Basic style of American Hip Hop.
Part Time and Evening

Rock and Roll Dance

If you know a few basic steps and you love dancing you will learn to […]
Part Time and Evening

Line Dancing

All welcome with Leanne—never too young, never too old.
Part Time and Evening

Irish Set Dancing

By a Professional Tutor who has given workshops in Barcelona, Milan, Paris and USA.
Part Time and Evening

Dance and movement

Introductory course to Dance and Movement by Miranda Linden incorporating all styles, Waltz, Jive, Rumba, […]
Part Time and Evening

Tai Chi

Tai Chi translates as ‚Äú10,000 things‚Äù or ‚Äúeverything in the universe‚Äù. Originally derived from Martial […]
Part Time and Evening

Tag Rugby for all

Improve your fitness and enjoy rugby indoors at the same time. Relive your old glory […]
Part Time and Evening

Circuit Training

Enjoyable exercise class covering all aspects and suitable for all levels of fitness in men […]
Part Time and Evening

Aerobics n’ Tone

Raise the heart-rate, enjoy an aerobic work-out which burn those troublesome calories and helps tone […]
Part Time and Evening

Introduction to NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming‚ÄîMake LONG LASTING changes in your life. Learn how to get your mind […]
Part Time and Evening

Chinese Medicine

Improve your life with Chinese Medicine. This course will give you the basic knowledge to […]
Part Time and Evening

Parenting Skills

To promote awareness and psychological well-being of parents and their children. Childhood developmental stages, from […]
Part Time and Evening

Other colleges

International Career Institute

The International Career Institute (ICI) is a leader in distance education with some of the […]

Portobello Institute

Founded in 1981, Portobello Institute delivers industry focused courses in a range of specialist areas. […]

Image Fitness Training

Become a certified Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Group Instructor with the National Elite Professional […]

National Training Centre

The National Training Centre (NTC) offers professional industry based qualifications. These qualifications include; Fitness Instructor […]