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€ 1790
96 hours over 12 days
Job Skills and CPD

Course description

PFS PERSONAL TRAINER®  and PFS FITNESS NUTRITION ADVISER® 2 in one provides you with the opportunity to become a highly qualified and experienced professional.
In only 16 days (117 Hours course), become a Personal Trainer with the knowledge that will enable you to make a mark in the existing world of fitness. Book now – limited spaces so register and guarantee yourself a colourful future now!

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BETTER CHOICE add to this course extra qualification PFS PILATES ®

The PFS PERSONAL TRAINER WITH NUTRITION is the most comprehensive course on the Irish market. Our teaching programme is built on the foundation of the experience and research of our tutors, who have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. It is created to help health and fitness professionals deliver tailored programmes their future clients will require to live a healthy life style.

During the course not only, you will gather the knowledge that enables you to train people one to one, you will also learn many different training techniques and principles of assisting your clients with professionalism.

A personal trainer’s role includes designing, implementing, and evaluating exercise/physical activity programmes for apparently healthy and low-risk adult populations by collecting and analysing client information to ensure the effectiveness and safety of personal exercise programmes. A personal trainer should also actively encourage potential clients/members to participate in and adhere to regular exercise/physical activity programmes, employing appropriate motivational strategies to achieve this.

The PFS FITNESS NUTRITION ADVISER® course will give our students a broad understanding of Nutrition.  The course will touch on crucial areas including nutrients and the digestive system, weight control, and management, diets for various populations.

This is a huge opportunity to expand on the services you offer as a trainer; by fully understanding these components you can advise your clients on how to achieve amazing results. This course will enable students to advise clients on their eating habits to make small adjustments to their body weight and composition. This course does not enable students to advise any clients that have any underlying medical conditions or obese clients; this advice must be given by a fully qualified Dietician.

If you want to have the full scope of knowledge to succeed as a Personal Trainer or if you have a keen interest in Nutrition the PFS Fitness Nutrition Advisor is an absolute must-have certification.

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Our PFS PERSONAL TRAINER WITH NUTRITION  is the hybrid course that is the web-based live online learning theory part and the portion of the practical part in the gym is traditional face-to-face instruction.

The course will commence Live Online days + 4 days Face to Face in the gym

Live Online courses are interactive, you can ask live questions, the instructor shows you the exercises and checks the technique of all students’ exercises.

Live Online Course Benefits:

No traveling, doing the course from the comfort of your own home.
This is not pre-recorded content; you will interact LIVE on the day with your tutor.
Private chat with your tutor throughout the course, (Send any questions you have by private message or send to the group)
Face to Face interaction with all students and your tutor.
Much easier to take notes and follow slides while your tutor gives real-life practical examples of the subject.
Face to Face Practical Modules – Delivered in the Gym in four locations.

PFS  Personal Trainer consists of:

The basic knowledge is necessary to progress with the course to become a Personal Trainer.

Our teaching program is built on the foundation of the experience and research of our tutors, who have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years.

It is created to help health and fitness professionals deliver basic programs and duties that their future employers will require to provide on a daily basis.

The essential modules are necessary for a Personal Trainer Qualification. During the course not only will you gather the knowledge that enables you to train people one to one, but you will also learn much different training and motivational techniques and principles of a professional approach to your clients.

We all know that exercise can only account for half the battle. Without following sound dietary guidelines, clients will never achieve their full potential. Be that source of nutrition information they need to navigate a landscape of quick-fix solutions, poor food choices, and a multi-billion diet industry.

This will empower you to have the skills and knowledge of a complete and versatile Personal Trainer.


If you require to speak to an adviser, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team on 0873448483 or email [email protected]

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