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PFS Mobility and Flexibility

€ 260
1 day
Job Skills and CPD
Start date: Continuous Intake

Course description

This is a two-part course held over 2 days.

First day – Complete Online learning and Theory (4 hours)

Second day – Apply the theoretical knowledge with our practical element in the gym (3 hours 15 minutes)

Who is this course for?

PFS Mobility & Flexibility is aimed at Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Gym Instructors, Pilates, and Yoga Instructors as well as Physiotherapists, Movement Specialists, Massage Therapists Body Workers.

It was once believed that stretching increased ROM by permanently changing the structure of the muscles and tissues. Now we know that flexibility improvement IS NOT a result of structural changes but the increase of stretch tolerance. It is about training the nervous system to allow certain ranges of motion.

Learn about how to utilise this understanding and more with our comprehensive introduction to better movement.

As awareness of the benefits of mobility training is growing, top trainers have refocused their interest into a more balanced training regime. On the cutting edge of Fitness & Health, these elements of fitness training address areas commonly unmanaged in our everyday life or our fitness programs, leading to many issues physically.

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