Sports Therapy Workshops with IMST

Sports Therapy Workshops with IMST

The Institute of Massage and Sports Therapy  specialise in providing training options for fitness therapy professionals. To this end they provide a range of sports therapy and fitness safety workshops which are run over 1 to 3 days. Some of the workshops on offer are outlined below..

Fitness Therapy and Health and Safety Workshops

Kinesiology Taping for Acute & Chronic Injuries
This one day workshop comprises a detailed study of kinesio tape and its uses for acute injuries, the treatment of chronic injuries and also for pain relief. Its many different techniques and applications are discussed and its application to all the major muscle groups and joints to cover injuries such as: Plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon, Knee ligaments, chrondramalacia patella, IT band, hamstrings, groin, low back pain, supraspinatus pain, levator scapulae, tennis elbow..

Cupping Therapy Workshop
Cupping Therapy is an ancient Chinese traditional treatment which has gained new popularity and attention thanks to it’s use by sports stars such as Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics. Different types of cupping are covered such as Chinese Cupping, Sports Therapy Cupping, Wet and Dry cupping, Russian Cups..

Pitchside First Aid and Defibrillator Course
This popular 3 day mid-week intensive course is presented by an expert tutor in this area (James Dooley). The course details all aspects of first aid and is taught from a pitch-side basis. It is therefore suited to those who will be working with sports people and teams. A large proportion of the course will be taught out of doors, regardless of weather conditions (rain gear required). The course involves full training in the use of the Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)..

Sports Taping & Strapping Workshop
This is a detailed two-day workshop that covers all aspects of sports taping and strapping techniques including theory of taping, contraindications and safety issues, tape types and equipment needed etc. Stretch and non-stretch tape methods will be used on different areas and joints of the body for injury treatment as well as prevention. A brief introduction to Kinesio Tape will also be covered..

Dry Needling Workshop
This three day CPD workshop This 3-day workshop covers all aspects of dry-needling including; detailed theory and practical application of needles, benefits & contraindications, Hygiene and safety, the use of needles on all major muscles and joints such as ankles, Achilles tendons, Tibialis anterior, Gastrocnemius, Quadriceps, IT band, Knee joint, Knee ligaments, Hamstrings, Hip, Piriformis, Gluteals, Erector Spinae, SI Joint, Trapezius, Levator Scapulae, Scalanes, Shoulder, Wrist flexors/extensors, Electrotherapy treatment with needles..

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