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I am about to start a plc for engineering technology and was wondering if I will able to apply to a mechanical engineering cao course with the plc qualification?

There are lots of progression options upon successful completion of PLC engineering course (Engineering Technology Level 5 - 5M2061). Some of these options are listed below.

Technological University Dublin -

  • BEng Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering (TU702)

  • BEng Electronic Engineering (TU726, TU829)

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering (TU717, TU828)

  • BEng Electronics and Communications Engineering (TU714)

  • BEng Civil Engineering (TU704)

  • BEng Engineering (TU708, TU709, TU804)

  • BTech Networking Technologies (TU716)

Maynooth University -

  • BSc in Product Design (MH305)

  • Bsc in Robotics and Intelligent Devices (MH306)

Athlone Institute of Technology -

  • BSc Software Development Mobile Apps (AL705)

Institute of Technology Carlow -

  • BSc Software Development (CW207, CW238)

  • BSc Aircraft Systems (CW507)

  • BSc Biomedical Electronics (CW577)

  • BSc Electronic Systems (CW558)

  • BSC Electronic Engineering (CW527)

  • BSc Aerospace Engineering (CW568)

Dundalk Institute of Technology -

  • BSc Computing in Software Development (DK821)

  • BSc Computing in Games Development (DK820)

Galway University -

  • BEng Civil Engineering (GY402)

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering (GY405)

  • BEng Electronic and Computer Engineering (GY406)

  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (GY414)

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