Online Business Courses in Ireland

Online Business Courses in Ireland

Many people choose to study business and related fields and gain qualifications which open up diverse and exciting career avenues for them. Online business courses can play a vital role in building a successful career in business fields such as accounting, business management, business technology and many others. All courses are developed by professionals, who structure courses with the aim to ensure that students are adequately qualified to set up their own business or use their skills for career progression. There are many niche-specific online learning courses that give both existing professionals, and those new to the field, the skills needed in a specific area of business.

Online business courses are suitable for those already working in business or for those wish to gain a professional and accredited qualification in business through distance learning.

There are a wealth of online learning business courses available to those interested in this area. Courses are aimed at those who wish to progress in their careers and enhance future career prospects.

Some Online Business Course Providers

  • Kilroy’s College currently offer four highly regarded business courses, ranging from business administration to farm accounting. These courses aim to help you acquire key skills that every business will look for in today’s competitive business market.
  • University of Galway offer online business courses such as their online Commerce Degree or their Critical Business skills Diploma
  • The Open University Business School provides flexible, high quality management courses for professional. They are the world’s largest MBA provider with triple accreditation. An elite business school that offers you the opportunity to realise your full potential in business, whatever your starting point.
  • Online learning providers such as CMIT, offer prospective students the opportunity to partake in their QQI accredited Business Management course (just one of their online business courses on offer). Participants learn a range of business management techniques.
  • Griffin College offer online business courses in areas such as budgeting and procurement.
  • Pitman Training have a range of business related courses on offer in accounting, payroll, communications and management. You can complete the course in-centre or via their online learning portal.
  • The International Career Institute offer a variety of business related courses to prospective students, including e-business, book-keeping and business management.
  • IPASS offer a number of courses related to payroll, including: the Certified Payroll Technician (CPT) qualification. This provides payroll personnel with a nationally recognised qualification by which they can be evaluated. Successful students will obtain the Certificate in Payroll Techniques. This course is accredited as a Level 6 QQI special purpose qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications.

Why study an Online Business Course?

Regardless of what you do in your professional life, the chances are that it will involve some ‘business’. Employers therefore tend to look favourably on those who have demonstrated the initiative to educate themselves even if the course is at a basic level. Experts believe that the combination of specialist qualification and practical business knowledge are key ingredients towards a successful business career. Before embarking on an online business course, some considerations will include the aim of the qualification. Do you want a general understanding of how a successful business works? Or do you need to equip yourself with specialised knowledge and skills in a specific area? The answer to these questions will determine the best online learning business course for you.

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