TL 712 – Bachelor of Science in Computing with Multimedia

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Duration: 3 years
CAO and Third Level

Course description

Course Code : TL 712
This course is designed primarily to develop your general computing skill and competence so that you can use computers to perform a variety of useful tasks. Irrespective of the specialismthat you choose in computing youwill need these skills. Its primary focus is on developing your ability to use computer languages that you will find prepare you to operate and work with computers and computer systems:

Speaking the coded language of the computer and writing software – Introduction to Programming, Object Oriented Programming 1,2 ,3 and 4, Algorithms, Structured Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Analysis and Design
The computer as a system – Computer Architecture, Operating Systems
How computers can be connected and made work together – Network Fundamentals, Routing Concepts and Protocols, Local Area Networks (LAN) Switching and Wireless,Wide Area Networks (WAN) Services and Security
Geting computers to work with and manage data – Database Concepts, Introduction to Database Programming
Providing users with a way to interact with computers – Visual Communications, Web Design, Digital Imaging, Web Design for Multiple Platforms, Human Computer Interaction.